Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Personal Outfit 41 (Crazy Cat Lady)

I had actually planned to meet Steph last weekend for Halloween and finally put some use to my old goth punk and lolita clothes. However, she ended up bailing on me (grr..... ) so I turned it into a date night instead.

Outfit consisted of:
Black ribbon barette: Salvation Army
Leopard Dress: Pepperplus
Belt: Taobao (came with my military dress! Awesome 2 for 1!)
Black Stockings: This Fashion
Black Oxfords: DMK
Red Moschino Bag: Borrowed from Mom
Luckily I wore a leopard print dress that day, because whilst shopping through this mega 3 storey store that sells positively everything that a girl could ever want or need, the Bf found these awesome cat gloves/cushions tucked in a corner:

There's the wider and shorter cat's paws... these have more cushion in the front, so they're better for punching others...hehehehehe

These ones are longer and they extended down all the way to my elbows, and have less padding on the top. So these are better to slap people with or to use in pillow fights cuz of their length.

Whilst taking these pictures, a shophand popped by and I was actually kindda concerned that he would stop us from taking the pictures or worse yet, kick us out of the shop or something. However, he just threw us a quizzical look before packing the other cushions neatly. I guess I must have appeared like a crazy cat lady with the matching outfit! Hahahahha....


  1. You look great in the leopard print dress, it's so cute^^

  2. Haha, you look adorable & I love your 'matching' paws! ;D

  3. Those cushions are awesome! And I love how you analyzed them for their best used purpose haha. You're funny.

    I really love your outfit too you look really cute in it :D

  4. @ ☆ steph ☆ - hahah, okay okay. Can't wait to see you on you birthday next weeek! I'm still trying to find stuffs to fill up your box of gifts!

    @ さらまり - Thank you! I'm so glad I decided to take a chance and do some DIY work on it by getting rid of the ugly belt detailing that came with it. It's now one of my favourite dresses.

    @ Tori - hahah, thanks! yea, the dress so conveniently matched the 'paws' so it was fun playing with them!

    @ Gloria - Hahah, credits to the Bf for coming up with the best uses for them! He also found a smaller paw with movable 'fingers' and kept doing the victory sign with them! And glad you liked the outfit!