Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AFA Day 2 (Vocaloids, Imitation Black, Kagamine Len)

Yay! I'm posting as promised! Hahhaahha.... okay lame, I know....

Back to the story, basically the second day of AFA, I was cosplaying solo, and tagging along 2 other friends who were cosplaying together as a duo. It was a pretty effective system as we had a buddy to pass our belongings to when the other was busy taking pictures or something. and we could look out for each other too, though it was pretty funny when people saw us walking together and decided to snap a picture of all 3 of us despite telling them we're from totally different series.

On to pictures:

My character is the blonde one in the middle. The character is Kagamine Len in the music video Imitation black and yes, he is wearing a dress. Kindda following those typical Visual Kei and J-rocker style I guess....

My resulting cosplay. The black lipstick was a nightmare, it keep getting outside my lips and onto my teeth and it doesnt help that I have a habit of showing my upper front teeth when I'm just zoning out or something. So I have alot of nasty pictures of me showing my teeth between the black lipstick floating around online.

My dress was pretty poofy so I had to hoist it up when I was walking through crowded places, but it still didn't stop people from stepping on the hem of my dress and causing me to yelp in shock from the sudden pull.

However, I did enjoy this cosplay more then the previous one and that's becasue I wasn't running aorund like a mad woman in an attempt to finish everyone's makeup. I woke up later that day, had a slow breakfast and slowly applied my makeup whilst chatting with my friend in my room before making our way to the event and just enjoying the event for itself. We could also move about more easily as compared to our previously stuffy costumes and there was additional space that had ample sunlight streaming in that we were allowed access to and hence not only did we get a nice location for great photographs, we had more photographers and better photographs in the end.

Since anything related to AFA is now offcially over for me, I guess it's time to finish up any loose ends for my next 2 upcoming events. I'll be taking part in the upcoming STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention) and EOY (End-Of-Year) events that are just nicely, a day apart.

I'll be cosplaying as a Neko (cat) version of Kagamine Rin with a friend for STGCC, so look out for a pair of twins runnning around with cat ears and paws. For EOY, I'll be taking a break from Vocaloids and doing Kuroshitsuji instead, so look out for a Ceil Phantomhive cross-dressing in the frilly pink ballroom gown, that might just be me...


  1. Screw getting black lipstick on your teeth~ you look gorgeous! ♥

  2. You look amazing O.O and I can't wait to see you as Ceil Phantomhive. His outfits always got my attention when I was watching the animation.

  3. @ Tori - hahah, thanks! but i found a neat trick to keep lipstick of your teeth, just rub vaseline on your front teeth! Wish I'd learned it sooner....

    @ Gloria - Thanks! Welll, I'm still hoping to do Ceil Phantomhive as a boy, so I'm trying to convince my friend to do it with me, I also find Alois Trancy's outfit pretty cute, so we could form a team with both sets of masters and butlers!