Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Current Favourite Songs 8

It's the end of yet another month, and I'm really quite surprised at how the year has gone flying by. Soon, I'll be busy rushing around making last minute preparations for my 2 upcoming cosplay events, then preparing for my family's annual Christmas celebration and then unwinding with a short staycation that the Bf and I will be having to celebrate our anniversary.

But until then, lets unwind with some songs that's currently on a loop in my Mp3 list:

Paradise of Light & Shadow~Synchronicity (Vocaloids, Kagamine Rin & Len): A beatiful song by the Vocaloids again. It's pretty interesting how many stories that have been created with songs revolving aorund them. This one's no different and I love how they emphasised the paralell oppsites between Rin & Len. I'm still impatiently waiting for the third part of this series (This is the second part, there is a prequel to this video)

1000 no Kotoba (Koda Kumi): The song for Final Fantasy X-2 and probably one of the last few better games in the Final Fantasy franchise. It's a really emotional song which is sung beautifully by Koda Kumi, I'm not a real fan of her work, but I do admire both of her song contributions to the series.

Rain (SID): One of the opening songs for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Love the anime to bits and I'm left with an empty hole now, while waiting for a decent anime to take its place. It's pretty interesting how the lead singer wears a yukata as a jacket to his otherwise boring outfit. It'll be so nice if other traditional costumes could be worn just as fashionably on normal days (do observe carefully how he matched his eyeshadow to his yukata's lining!).

To the Moon & Back (Savage Garden): An oldie but a goodie, this song is always on my list no matter the situation or mood. Somehow, whnever I listen to this song I always envision a girl in some post-apocalyptic world that's under some kindda totalitarian-like control (Think the government in V for Vendetta? Gotta love that movie!). But there she is looking to the moon and skies, wishing for love to be free from this dreary and dark world....

Beautiful World (Utada Hikaru): The closing theme used in the Evangelion movie, You Are [Not] Alone 2.0. This is truly my favourite anime of all time, and no other anime has been able to skillfully capture the twisted complexities and beauty of the human psyche into a show. You love and yet you loathe the characters all at once with their never-ending battle within themselves and the intersting yet eerily similar way of how close to reality these characters are. The song caught the thoughts that were racing through my mind at the end of the movie without being too dark so it's a rwally refreshing balance. I can't wait for the latest Evangelion movie to come out, You Will [Not] Understand/ Quickening.

Ugh gotta meet a buyer for my Imitation Black costume. I'm so glad to be able to be rid of it, since it's just taking up space in my room at the time-being so its a real chance for me to try and recoup some money for new costumes...


  1. Evangelion is my favourite anime of all time too! The first movie came out when I was in Japan, but my dad didn't take me to see it....

    And Beautiful World is a lovely song~

  2. This [Evangelion] is truly my favourite anime of all time, and no other anime has been able to skillfully capture the twisted complexities and beauty of the human psyche into a show.

    THIS ♥♥

  3. @ Ayame - Actually I was pretty bored with the first movie because it was like a compilation of the beginning of Evangelion. The second movie had some changes from the anime so I was more interested by it plus it was quite surprising at how they suddenly introduced a new character after so long.

    @ Tori - Hahahah, glad you liked that sentence. I guess all the literature my mom made me read when I was young came in handy!