Sunday, November 7, 2010

Personal Outfit 42 (Alone Time...)

Lately, I've really begun to enjoy the idea of just browsing through stores and shopping all alone. I used to wonder how people did it, and actually considered it a waste of time to bother dressing up and traipsing around town by myself since I won't have anybody appreciating the effort I had put into my makeup and dressing.

But it could be that I've matured alot since then (or just plain becoming older, and a step closer to being senile) and now I do love the idea of dressing up and looking pretty just to please oneself. After all, if you don't love yourself first, it'll be much other for others to love you.

So this is what I wore, whilst doing alittle shopping by myself before making my way to school for a lesson in the evening:

Outfit consists of:
Inner black tank top: Miss Selfridge
Gray Leopard Cardigan: Lip Service
Black Skinny Jeans: Red2
Lace-up boots: Taobao
Poccilini Black leather bag: Borrowed from Mom
Gray & White Foxtail: Taobao
My lecturer was thoroughly amused by the foxtail hanging off my bag! Hahahah...
On a side note, next Saturday would be AFA (Anime Festival Asia)! Lets hope I'll do a good job at justifying the Vocaloid, Rin from Sandplay of Dragon. I'll be with a team on the first day and doing another Vocaloid, Len from Imitation Black but as a solo cosplayer on the second day. I'm really looking forward to all my hard work and effort finally being put on show after a gruelling 3-4 months getting everything ready, so wish me luck that I'll do a good job!


  1. Cute outfit.>.<

  2. Ah I totally know what you mean by shopping by yourself. I never use to understand why people go to the mall by themselves because it seems so boring, but now I almost always prefer to go by myself because I can take all the time I want looking at one item if I please and no one will rush me :)

    And please blog about AFA :D that'd be so interesting.

  3. Totally agree with everything you said. Honestly, I've always dressed for myself more than for others, though it's always nice to get compliments & have your efforts appreciated, haha ;)

  4. @ Mickey - Thanks!

    @ Gloria - Hahah, yea, you can take your own sweet time to wander about the shops you like, buy the things you want without having anyone sway your decisions and not need to worry if someone is tired or wans to do this or that instead. Its really liberating to a certain point

    @ Tori - haha, yea. Sometimes though, I don't wanna wear certain outfits when I'm alone because I feel awkward with all the stares I'll get despite my thick skin. hahah

  5. I love the grey leopard cardigan! I am soooo into leopard prints now as they are in season. hehe.. I actually love going shopping by myself as I tend to look into things more carefully. =p