Monday, November 22, 2010

AFA Day 1 (Vocaloids, Sandplay of Dragon, Kagamine Rin)

Sorry guys for the long time it has taken me to update my blog. I took awhile to recuperate from all the craziness of AFA (Anime Festival Asia) and after that... well, I was lazyI guess (so shoot me... =___=)

Anyway, it also took awhile for the various photographers to upload their pictures as they did some editing, and then after I had claimed my own pictures I had to seek permission from them and then edit them some more on my own.

I won't say this is one of my better cosplays as I was really shagged from doing the makeup of 5 other people before rushing to change and do my own makeup. Plus, it didn't help that we were vying for attention amongst 6 other Sandplay groups and another member of our team evetually disappearedwith her friends into the massive crowd. So alot of things went on..

So to pictures I guess

A picture from a photography session I did with a photographer there. I managed to coax and threaten him to upload my pictures abit faster as my photo was among the actually among the last ones in his album

A picture of me and my "brother", Kagamine Len (aka Mika). Yes, "he" is actually a "she" and alot of people commented that we suited each other as siblings. So we're actually talking about doing another version fo the Kagamine siblings for another event.

A bonus picture of my team (well, most of it that is.. our last member had disappeared by then).

And the actual picture of the characters we were cosplaying. This picture doesn't include some other characters as the others were added in at a later stage. Unfortunately, I can't actually find a proper group photo.

We'll be having a photoshoot probably early next year, when everybody is able to set aside some time and we've already scouted out a fantastic studio with regal-looking wallpaper and amazing baroque-style furniture. Totally perfect for our costumes and theme so look forward to that next time!
I'll be updating about day 2 soon, maybe tomorrow (if I'm not lazy that is...)... hahaah
(Credits to the various photogs for the photos used. Thnaks guys!)


  1. omg you look amazing bb~! ♥ I'm always amazed at (some) cosplayers who manage to look EXACTLY like the characters they're portraying, & you & your brother definitely did just that :D
    Your whole team looks really great too~ looking forward to seeing some snaps from the photoshoot next year ♥

  2. @ Tori - hahah, really? I personally didn't think I did that good a job for this cosplay. But thanks alot for the compliment!

    Hahah, yea, we're trying hard to clear our schedules for the photoshoot and to save up money for new costumes too