Friday, November 12, 2010

Personal Outfit 44 (New Makeup Case!)

Went out today to buy my moisturizer that had ran out and a makeup case. I wanted a large case more because I'll be on makeup artist duty for my upcoming AFA cosplay event, and it doesn't help that most of the girls in my team can't put on proper makeup to save their life (one did a trail run of her potential makeup and ended up looking like a blowup sex doll no thanks to the huge amount of shimmer she had put on her eyes and poor applied lower lashes). So besides doing my own makeup, I'll be helping around nearly 10 people that day.... damn shit...

So I was thinking of ways to make my life easier on that day when I realised that I didn't even have a proper makeup case! My makup more or less are stashed in various pouches that I just pour out onto my bed and stash each one back after I'm done with it. This would cause alot of trouble if I did the same thing at the event location itself, so I needed a large case to fit everything bad!

I managed to find one that's not only so awesome-ly huge, but it looks just as awesome as it is useful but first, onto the outfit I had worn:

Outfit consisted of:
Spectacle frames: random shop in Far East Plaza (can you tell how much I love them? Hahah)
Inner white tank top: borrowed from Mom
Blue plaid shirt: Uniqlo
Denim skirt: Victoria Beckham for Rock & Republic
Boots: bought in Macau
Wool Bag: Stussy
Foxtail: Taobao
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

My beautiful new case! The Bf helped me pay partially for it, as I am pretty broke now. But I am real glad I had gotten it, I was looking at a softer pouch initially but it had like multiple pouches inside in varying sizes which I really didn't need so the Bf convinced me to get this one!

It's made of real sturdy leather so it's gonna last for quite awhile, and with it's really cute vintage kindda design, the more it wears out, the better it'll look! Now I just wish I had a matching luggage set! Plus the case has a lock so it'll be perfect for events because I'll know that my stuff would be safe, unless a theif decided to take the whole damn case which would be pretty stupid.

After I had thrown in all my normal makeup stuffs and the extra stuffs that I use solely for cosplay such as shimmery eyeliner and such, there was still ample room for me to actually stuff in 2 full packets of makeup wipes and a box of fake lashes. I'm so loving it!

Oh yea, I was checking out the box when I noticed that it actually had the label SK-II imprinted on it, so I don't know if it's a genuine product or a fake, but who cares, it's functional and cute looking and that's all I need!

Ugh, there's still so many last minute prepaerations for the event this saturday. I need to sew the ribbons on my headpiece so that'll it'll look curly and paint my nails black for my character on the second day and I need to stuff my costume and wig and accessories into my luggage so that I can just wheel the whole thing there!

Haiz... and don't get me started on planning the makeup for the other girls especially when there's one girl pissing me off big time because she can't be bothered to learn how to apply basic makeup like foundation and just expect me to do the whole she-bang for her and keep whining when I told her that I don't care but she had better apply her basic makeup first... I am so gonna die...

*looks at makeup case and is filled with shiny new hope and happiness*


  1. Oh I'd definitely need some more vanity cases XD However I used to buy a ton of make-up within the last two weeks and have no place to store it. You're so lucky to live in a country that offers useful yet BEAUTIFUL products.

  2. OMGGG!! is AFA the event where the atelier royale would be?? OMGG!! I want to see Akira sooo sooo baddd coz he's so goodlooking! lol. =p anyways, I love your new makeup bag as well! It's gonna be a very tiring day for you to put on makeup for 10 girls =(

  3. Uwaaa, that makeup case is BOSS! ♥ & looking adorable as usual bb~

  4. I ttly relate, with the makeup case thing. My makeup tends to be stashed everywhere. hahah. That makeup case is GORGEOUS. And, I'm going for AFA too! hahah.

  5. @ Anna Crystal - Hahaah, well if you get a big one, there's no need to worry bout buying too much makeup! Only problem I have now is finding the items, becasue they're so mixed up insie on large box

    @ May @ Rad - Yes, it's where atelier Royale is at too. Hahahah, well I dunno but everyone keeps talking bout Yutaki James, I've met him before and lets just say I'm less then impressed at his character. Yes!! I was so tired after doing makeup for 7 girls excluding myself, I was the kast in my team to get into costume and then I still had to finish my own makeup when everyone else was already playing around.

    @ Tori - Hahahh, thanx! The makeup case is awesome, but oh so heavy... but well, that's the price of beauty I guess

    @ Phaik Yie - Hahahah, well now my makeup is at one place, though it's a mess inside, so I'm not qutie sure which is better actually. hahaah, did you see me at the event?

  6. Cute outfit! Hope you don't mind me asking, but how much did you get your tail for? I got mine in China for SGD8! :D

  7. @ ursie - Hmm.... I'm not sure but it did cost bout SGD6 for the item and shipping locally to the agent, but consdiering it was shipped to me later I think should be about the same bout SGD8-9