Sunday, November 28, 2010

Article on supposed "Japanese Fashion Flops"

Recently, whilst randomly browsing the net, I chanced upon an interesting article that was attempting to list down some supposed flops of Japanese fashion. I know there's the whole freedom of speech thing and well to each his own and all that, however, unsurprisingly, the writer was a westerner with a western perspective on these 10 listed flops.

So this is just my two cents worth of opinion to counter-balance and perhaps explain abit on the flops that had been listed out:

1. The "host' Look
Yes, I do agree that at times the whole polyester suit with the gaudy necklace does look like a throwback to the hey-day of the Seventies. However, lets face it. It's a fashion thing, and no one complains about the whole metrosexual thing going on in the western world, who flick their well-groomed hair out of their eyes with a wave of their well-moisturised hand, or that legions of teenage boys seem to have the uber-ugly mop and near patented headflick of Justin Beiber.

It's a look, just like Manba and Ganguro.... deal with it.

2. Shoes Beyond Repair
In defence of the writer, I do agree that wobbling around in wonky high heels is not a pretty sight, however, from what I know, Japanese streets aren't exactly friendly on heels either and not many women know how to walk properly in heels be it on the streets of Tokyo or Milan or New York.
So don't just rag on Japanese girls because they wobble round in worn down heels. Not many people can afford to jump in and out of taxis all day, and since Japanese people walk ALOT, if they walk around in flats, next thing I know, another article would arise about how 'unfashionable' the Japanese girls on the streets are. So either way, there's no winning is there?
3. Ringed Colour Contacts
Honestly, most girls wear them and it has been scientifically proven that showing dilated pupils is a sign of interest (in terms of a relationship) and good health of a person. Plus, you know why some girls look so doe-eyed in pictures? Face it, its the contacts at work. Plus you don't look 'like a creepy doll' if you apply the right-sized ones for your eye, I wear them and I have yet had people say my eyes look creepy...

4. Tare-me (droopy eyes)
Yes, some girls do line their eyes and apply lower falsies so far down their eyes that they look like a sad panda. However, if you've ever wondered why Japanese girls have such large expressive eyes, its the way they apply eyeliner and lower lashes further below their natural lash line to give the illusion of larger eyes.
I do admit some people do take it too far and no one's immune to mistakes in makeup now and then, but I don't see anyone complaining about how coral lipstick looks disastrous on most people if they fail to get the right shade.
5. Glamour Nails
Right... if such nails are so horrible, why do I notice a trend in nails salons popping up all over America and Britain, with a number of them offering such nail services? Plus, head down to New Jersey, I have seen a number of them with nails to rival their Japanese counterparts.

6. Flat Tires

okay, this I wholeheartedly agree with the writer. When I see people who don't bother putting on their shoes properly and just flatten down the back of their shoes, a few things come to my mind.
First, are the shoes that painful to walk in that you have to shuffle your way around in them? Second, maybe you're just too lazy to bother putting them on properly, so in that case, please don't bother buying nice shoes, I'd hate to see you destroy a pair of Jimmy Choos because of sheer laziness.

7. Engrish Shirts
yes, it does irk me at times when I see terrible Engrish on clothes, but lets face it, don't you get amused by the crazy slogans at times? Plus how often do we check proper grammar or even its meaning when we buy clothes with foreign words on them? I've seen girls wearing "Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir" on their t-shirts (google if you don't know what it means), so i don't see what the big deal is...

8. Furoku Bag

Hmm, yeah, some furoku bags are of such shoddy quality that it would probably disintegrate if I do attempt to throw it into a washing machine. However, I have seen some of such good quality that people are hawking them on sites such as Ebay. I have seen some being sold for up to USD30 online, so just because some suck, doesn't mean all suck...

9. Mori Girl

Again, this is a street style. You may not get it, but that doesn't stop people from loving it and attempting to emulate its style, and yes I do get your point of it bordering on looking like a crazy cat lady, but no ones complaining about how bubble skirts make anyone with an ounce of fat on their legs turn their legs into walking pig trotters. So give it a rest...

10. Skirting with faux-pas

Again, it was a trend for guys to wear skirts and lets give them credit for having the balls to do so and be in a culture where they aren't automatically jeered at or have derogatory remarks thrown at them. Plus if its such an awful thing for guys to wear, why wasn't there an outcry when men's leggings was introduced? I think seeing guys wearing skin-tight leggings that show every nook and cranny of their legs and ass is far more frightening then a guy wearing a skirt.
I know some of the comments does seem bit like I'm being petty and argumentative, however, it's not fair for a person to write such things about things that they haven't had full understanding of and simply push it as a weird thing.
No matter what, circle lens are still being sold everywhere online (Lady Gaga wears them!), more and more girls are asking for gel and acrylic nail extensions that look reminiscent to the ones that Japanese girls have on their hands, and furoku bags are being sold and ordered worldwide.

Plus, people are still searching up what the people of Japan are wearing on the streets and using their unique style as inspiration and influence on new trends. So don't just pigeon-hole something that's different from the norm, who knows... you might just see people doing them in your country next!
(All pictures and their titles have been taken from the article)


  1. I think whoever wrote that article must not really appreciate the scope of Japanese fashion~ I might be slightly biased (haha), but I would say they take the most risks out of any fashion community in the world & that's what makes them so fabulous ♥

  2. Hello,
    No offense but I think this article is humoristic too. Those trends are if not new remarkable and quite interesting so they are pointed out. There is nothingreally mean said about it in my humble opinion. There is also some points that can defintetely be agreed with( common what girl likes man legging ??)
    Also, it don't think the author is a complete idiot. I can't help but notice that the site it s posted on is a branch of CNN, I m not sure but it seems to me that not anyone can post there. Then I guess the author has a minimum of knowledge of her subject.
    Again all off this is a question of taste. You are definitely to say this is what makes Japanese fashion s quality. That s what I love japan for too!!
    Thank you for the quality of your blog and for pointing out this article

  3. lOl but that's part of Japan's charm... And anyway I think the host look is kinda hot~

  4. Japan's Japan after all. Anyway Mori Girl looks cute D:

    I kinda lol'd at the glamour nails part... its their own choice to do so, no?

  5. @ Tori - Hahaha, I know my commnts are damn biased against the article and all for Japan's ever-changing fashion. However, I do think this article was a pretty biased one-sided view as well. Nad yes, i do agree that Japanese are probably the most risk-driven fashion community in the world and that's what part of theri fabulosity!

    @ marion - I did notice that the author was attmepting to write th article in a humouristic way, however, the words she had chosen were still clearly showing a rather biased view of these 'flops' so all I'm doing is trying to explain these so-called 'flops' and that there's no reason to label them as so.

    I do think that the website is a subsidiary of CNN, however, from what I've been learning in my classes on Journalism, often columnists and lifestyle section people are given the most free rein to write whatever subject they wish and most of the time, they have zero need to submit their work to an editor for editing or verification. And judging from the content of the other articles, it does appear that it's more like a group of columnists sharing their opinions in the website then any actual news.

    It's true that it's all a matter of taste and everything is subjected to people's own individual opinion, so what maybe normal to some would just weird people out elsewhere in the world. And thanks for sharing your opinion.

    @ Naomi - hahahah, Yea I guess Japan's charm is the fatc that it's a melting pot of all these different fashion influences and style. The host look is pretty hot, on the right guy of course *giggles* though I still get creeped out if the guy has way too much fake tan.

    @ Saph - hahah, I still adore the Moir gilr and Dolly kei fashion even if people get weirded out by them. They're definitely unique and fascinating in their own special way. Hhaha, yea girls in japan choose whichever style they want to do their nails, so no one's forcing girls to do claw-like extensions with pom-poms dangling off them. Plus like I pointed out, America and Britian seem to have more and more nail salons popping up that offer services to achieve that kind of nails, so obviously there is a demand in those countries