Thursday, November 4, 2010

Candydoll's New Mascara & Eyeshadow Line

Tsubasa Masuwaka, the ever-savvy model/ businesswoman has expanded her makeup empire again. This time with 2 different type of mascaras and various eveshadow palettes. At this rate, what else could she offer next? Perhaps some concealer, foundation or even a whole skincare line? Who knows what else she might just add into her ever-growing makeup empire...

There are 2 types of mascara that will be available, the lengthening and the volumnizing. Smart move to cover both bases, but I think I'll skip this product since I wear falsies most of the time...

According to Koji, there'll be four different palettes of four-colour eyeshadows. My guess is that it'll be in a palette like Boujour and Kate with varying colours of the same palette. There' is also some mention of "cream eyeshadow" and "champagne" somewhere around in the website, I don't really get it, perhaps a creameyeshadow in the colour of champagne?

Working hard at looking pretty for her new promotional campaign! Don't we all wish we could be paid to look just as pretty?

Inspecting the photos, I've heard that Tsubasa is pretty hands-on in her brand and in the previous nail polish collection, she wasn't happy with the samples given to her and mixed up her own colours with the samples given! Goes to show how hardworking and dedicated she is!
I'm not sure if I'll be falling over myself to try and get my hands on her eyeshadow palettes, especially when I'm pretty happy with my current Dior and Kate ones. However, if the price is right, as in not alot more expensive then my Kate palettes, I might just give it a shot. After all, it's always nice to pull out something pretty and unique whilst touching up one's makeup in public right?
But I'll still wait for public opinion about her how good her eyeshadow is. Up to now, I still refuse to buy her candydoll blush because I've heard really negative things about the application, so I'll see how I guess!
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  1. I don't think I'll go out of my way to get these either, but they might be worth a try if I ever have extra money to burn haha~

  2. I dont want to change up my mascaras, but depending on what the palettes look like I might pick them up XD

  3. @ Tori - hahah, everybody seems to be getting abit sick of Tsubasa I think. The backlash of overexposure I guess (omg... did my makreting brainwashing for 3 years finally come spouting out my mouth?)

    @ さらまり - I sahre the same setiments, I lvoe my mascaras alot too! I'll only pick up the palettes if they're as good as or better then Kate but the price is not too different, if not it won't be worth it.