Monday, November 8, 2010

Personal Outfit 43 (Lazy School Day)

Had a really lazy school day yesterday because all I had to do was watch a documentary and do a presentation of my team's work. So I just threw on this easy outfit:

Outfit consist of:
Spectacle frames (I popped out the lenses): random shop in Far East Plaza
OP shirt: Borrowed from Mom
Gray zip-up hoodie: Uniqlo
Boho skirt: Flea market find
Red plaid sneakers: Bought in Macau
Bag: Cher
Pardon the super messy hair, it refused to do what I wanted depsite me punishing it repeatedly with a curling iron, so I gave up and tied the longer ends into 2 plaist instead and left the rest as a messy bob.
I feel like a runaway from the cast of Honey & Clover with my messy, Fruits kindda style of an outfit....
Ugh damn upset with a team member, is it so hard to move ur fat lazy ass to do your part of the project properly? I've been editing your shitty work non-stop, not that it's even that fantastic and hard and you were so adamant on doing your parts in the first place, at leats do a decent job of it!


  1. The outfit looks really comfy yet stylish. That's the way I like fashion the best!

  2. I think you look great! Simple & comfy but definitely still stylish ♥
    I absolutely HATE group projects too~ no one ever does their share of the work.

  3. @ Anna Crystal - Thank you! It was comfy though my teeth did chatter abit during class, it was that cold in the classroom... brr...

    @ Tori - Hahah thanks! Yess!!! Omg, I don't mind group projects but my pet peevs are when people don't do heir share of the work and just expect us to do it for them and when a person overpowers everyone and it becoems their way only. In this case, I suffered from having a lazy ass project-mate who did a rubbish job of her work and was dumb enough to not have any good excuse for it