Thursday, November 11, 2010

Purikura With Jo

Oh noooo..... I just realised that I had totally forgotten to upload the purikura pics I had taken with Jo the last time!!! So sorry Jo!!!

Anyway here they are, well at least better late then never rt? (T_T)

Failed attempt at a =3= face

I kindda like this pic, though I feel I looks bit spastic.... doesn't help when I have the "feelers" on

I like this picture of me though, bit mysterious... hmm....
I notice I have aboslute zero control of how I pose when I am happy, I can never smile right and just end up giving a big toothy grin because I am too happy to not smile as wide as I possibly can. It's not really a good thing if your face bulges out bit weirdly cause of the excessive smiling that causes weird lumps and bumps along my jawline, so I mus learn how to control...
Hence back to self-whoring in front of the mirror and camwhoring myself...
Hey! I'm just practising...


  1. Awe, I think you look super-cute haha! ♥ I don't know if I ever told you before, but you really remind me of Risa Niigaki :)

  2. What cute purikura! I really like the second one, it's so cute and funny. I really miss purikura machines...

  3. @ Tori - Hahah thanks! Hmm, I never thought I would resemble any Japanese celebrity! hahah, but Risa is pretty cute and I think perhaps it's the jawline or something that we share a resemblence

    @ さらまり - Thanks alot! Aww... don't be sad, I'm sure you'll be able to visit Japan and play with all the purikura machines again!