Sunday, January 3, 2010

Personal outfit 17

Ever since I've cut my fringe, its become so much easier to recreate the dolly look whenever I just curl my hair.... cutting my fringe is one of the best decisions ever...

My outfit consisted of:
Plaid coat: Borrowed from my mom
White dress: bought in Macau
Over-the-knee boots: Rubi

Firstly a rather late Happy New Year greetings to all... been rather busy with a barrage of things to do, so forgive my tardiness....

Moving on, I had to go for a project meeting yesterday so I just threw on this outfit on in a whim. The outfit was actually an improvised version of one I saw in the latest Popteen issue... its actually pretty comfortable and easy to move around in though I have to admit it looks more like an outfit that someone who had a rather late night randomly threw on in the morning...

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