Tuesday, December 29, 2009

EOY Cosplay 2009

I finally did what I've been wanting to do for god-knows how many years now! Its cosplay!

As a first-timer in the amazing yet slightly intimidating world of cosplay, it was a real gift to have a lifeline to hold on to and in my case, it came in the version of the wonderful WTY Fashion Studio & Design Pte Ltd, Singapore's first pro-cosplay studio.

They were extremely kind and offered to not only loan me an outfit and the wig of any character of my own choosing, but to also handle the styling of my wig and even offered to put my make up on for that day. I turned down the offer for the make up as moi has super-sensitive skin, so I thought it'll be best not to take the risk (and also not to appear like an absolute free-loader), but I took up the offer on everything else.

The entire process was extremely smooth with me simply giving the studio my body's statistics over email and them handling everything else. I only went down to the studio for a single fitting session to iron out any possible kinks in the costume.
At the event itself, the studio delivered a freshly laundered costume, shoes and styled wig and even helped me in putting them on. After that, I was pretty much left alone to have fun at the event and all I had to do was to contact them whenever I felt like leaving in order to return the costume. Isn't that just fantastic?

So I'd like to thank WTY Studio again for giving me this chance to have such a fantastic time and to help me along into the incredible world of cosplay! I'll definitely approach them for their wonderful services again.
Contact them at:
Email: Wty.studio@gmail.com

Msn: yasuka110@hotmail.com

Mobile: +(65) 9170-8557
Or visit their website at http://blog.wtystudio.com.sg/


  1. Awww so cute ! & I can comment on your blog now ^^

    & about the layout thing, it was so difficult I had google how to d html codes and such but I think I get it now.

    If you want me to help design yours I can just send me a pictures and colour ideas of what you want as your layout, I'll send my email address to you =)

    (But I can only do simple layout like mine >..<)

  2. Argh, I hardly check the comments in my blog... shoot....

    Anyway, thanks once again for the banner! I love Anna Sui Purple if you're still curious to know... haha