Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Personal outfit 12 & Lolita dresses

My favourite dress, to complete the outfit, I also grabbed a pearl headband wth a mega huge bow attached to it and a pair of platform mary-janes...
All accesories are from the shop
I wore the dress with these platform, rocking-horse lace-ups initially the shoes are pretty cute and comfy except for the fact that they blow up my calves, so I look shorter and fatter than I really am... ugh!!

My favourite Goth dress, it was really comfortable and usually tube dresses tend to slip down for me, but this held up well throughout the entire time I was wearing it (which was like for an hr plus?...), the lace collar attached to the dress's zip by a chain was also an interesting touch....

Finally got a chance to wear my Gilfy knit cap, its ub er comfortable and doen't make me feel warm at all... bad for cold weather I guess, but in the tropics where its always warm, its just perfect....

My outfit for the day
Checked top: Uniqlo
Inner white tank top: can't remember
Denim Skirt: New Future
Cap: Gilfy promotional magazine
Engineer boots: Macau
Skipped class again last thursday (ugh, its starting to become a really nasty habit!), so I ended up hanging around my friend's workplace. Sounds boring, but its actually immensely fun especially when you consider that my friend works at a shop selling Dolfies and Lolita/Goth lolita/ Goth Punk outfits.
So I ended up spending most of my time trying out the various outfits, and I fell in love with 2 of them. Too bad they're waaaay out of my budget, but it was fun getting to spend the day in them, not to mention, I'd actually did the shop a major favour by promoting their clothes as I kept running in and out of the shop in the various outfits thus attracting a number of curious passer-bys.
Had to do project work later in the day, but it was fun trying out the outfits, not to mention I managed to accomplish a number of tasks that day. Namely, rekindling an old friendship, purchasing a pair of Anna Sui stockings which I've been drooling at for ages and getting my part of the data collection for my project work done. Pretty fruitful day I guess....
If you wanna visit the shop (Singapore only):
Atsuki GL
#03-10 Liang Court 177
River Valley Road
P.S. This is not a paid advert, just thought that it's only fair to talk about the shop after playing around with their stuff all day

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