Monday, December 21, 2009

Personal outfit 16

Sorry for the blurry pic, I have shaky hands.Items worn here are:
Gilfy hat: Gilfy promo book
Black framed glasses: Uniqlo (these ones are non-powered glasses btw)
My outfit consisted of:
Striped turtleneck: Uniqlo (gift from the Bf)
T-shirt: UT from Uniqlo
Denim shorts: Cotton On
Stockings: This Fashion
Red plaid sneakers: bought from Macau
Quilted bag: Accesorize

The original inspiration from Popsister's October 2009 issue

Really casual wear this time as I went out with the Bf and we didn't have much planned other than catching a movie (watched Avatar if anyone's wondering... its totally fantastic!).

This particular outfit was inspired from Popsister, and I apologise for the bad hair, is it just me but the only reason I detest getting a haircut is the fact that there are new layers and such so in a way I have to totally relearn how to curl my hair, because what worked for my previous hairstyle doesn't work again.

Anyway, it was fun looking so causal, for those who know me, I tend to dress to the nines, partly because of my mom's influence, she always has this glamourous and high maintenance air about her and I kindda have the same thing (or so I'm told...) and when I simply throw on a shirt and jeans I feel so sorely underdressed. Maybe I need to learn how to tone down more... so its back to learning from magazines I guess... haha...

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