Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Haircut & Dye

My hair in its unstyled state, sorry for the horrid expression on my face, was tired as I had a late night... Can see my sister nearby...

Halfway through the dyeing process... entertained myself by reading lots of magazines...

The end result! Sory for the blurry picture, the colour is much lighter than shown but it differs under different lighting..

My hairstylist round brushed the ends for a more styled look

Isn't it just amazing how much your hair influences your image, just a simple change in colour, cut or even parting can totally change your image and even your personality and outfits (to a certian extent only of course...).

After having my roots grow out for nearly a month now, I finally decided to trim my hair and give it a proper dye job.

The end result was a blonder me with a blunt bang, I've tried out this fringe once but as my hair was much shorter than almost to a bob-length, it didn't turn out as well as now. The colour is also much lighter than before, haha now's one of my last few chances to dye my hair this light for if I'm unable to enter University after graduation, I doubt most coporate companies will be able to accept such a light hair colour... so might as well my it of its worth till then...
Oh ya, my hairstylost also told me that over the next 2 weeks, my hair will even lighten a shade or two and have a more faded looks so that it'll appear more natural, can't wait to see the eventual result!

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