Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Test Driving Dolly Wink Lashes

I used No. 2 Sweet Girly for the upper lash and No.5 Real Nude for my lower lashes

It looks pretty natural, and my friend was so impressed that she ran off and bought some Dolly Wink Lashes too...

From a picture before my project presentation, I had more eyeshadow on here, but the lashes gave it more of the 'smokey' effect...

With all the hype and popularity of the Dolly Wink Lashes, I was super excited and decided to immediately try them out the very next day.

After pulling them out of the box, first thing I noticed was how flexible and soft and supple the lashes were, I didn't even have to cut the lashes and putting them on was a breeze, but maybe because I have experience in putting on fake lashes, it doesn't really count.

Anyway, after a whole day of project presentation in the morning, fittings for my cosplay costume in the afternoon and shopping the rest of the evening, the lashes stayed put and didn't have that irritating feeling I get with other lashes, the kind where I tend to feel the edge of the spine of the lash rubbing on the corners of my eyes.

Not to mention, this was my first-ever experience putting on fake lower lashes, and I totally forgot that they were there. So I can totally understand the hype, not only because its produced by Tsubasa, but also for the comfort factor.

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