Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moises De La Renta X Mango Collection

Despite the fact that I prefer posting about fashion that is more or less related to Japan, one way or the other, I still can't ignore what's happening round my backyard. Amongst the brands that my fellow Singaporean teens and twenties love, Mango is most likely among the top 5 favourite brands among the majority.

So I can't help but throw in this nugget of information about Mango's most recent collaboration, this time with Moises de la Renta (son of Oscar de la Renta) the founder of MDLR.

"Romatic themes" and "graphic illusions" are said to be the key inspirations behind his work, with flowers seemingly the central theme in the collection as it is adorned on most of the necklines of the series of t-shirts. The colours used in the collection are mostly blacks, greys and white, bit dull moi thinks.

The collection is said to be released in 1st March and priced at bout US$36- US$50, but considering the time it takes to ship the products over to this little city and the price exchange, I think I'll pass from getting anything, though the shirt with the white rope print is calling out to me persistently....

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