Monday, January 25, 2010

Laforet Grand Bazaar

This weekend, Harajuku was having a major buzz of activity, because Laforet's Grand Bazaar was back on! Held only twice a year in January and July, this IS the biggest sale of Harajuku. The streets between Harajuku Station and Laforet were jam-packed with people who were trying to get their hands on some of the most amazing deals on their favourite Japanese and international fashion brands. If the crowd outside already intimidates you, imagine inside the building, it was crammed to the brim with people moving about in every possible direction while the shop staff were shouting and waving signs around in order to get the shoppers' attentions.

The deals which you can find at the bazaar are simply jaw-dropping, with many of Laforet's shops selling items at 70-90% off. Bins filled with shirts, dresses, jackets, shoes and other items were being sold for as little as a few hundred yen each and these were from brands such as Ne-Net, Hysteric Glamour, FurFur and many others. There were even products for those into higher-end fashion, Helmut Lang and WJK had amazing deals on US$1000++ leather jackets and even HP France Exclusive got in on the action by pricing down their import handbags, jackets and various other couture items from all over the world.

There's no way to describe the utter chaos that ensues everytime Laforet has its major Grand Bazaar, but the pictures would show at least a brief glimpse of the mess and the joy of girls (and few guys) who managed to score some major deals.

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