Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Francfranc's Christmas Event

Initially wrote this post using d blogger app for iphone, but the layout felt so foreign to me, I ended up switching back to my laptop

Attended the Francfranc Christmas event last Friday. It wasn't that big an event, just to launch their latest Christmas & Cruise collection.

Steph & I ended up poking & prodding alot of things along the way. It was fun despite the band butchering some of our favourite songs as they played in the background.

I wore a dolly Kei influenced outfit as I felt that it suited Francfranc's style better

Steph kept commenting bout how hip hop style this sofa was & how she wished she could shove it into her house! 

I loved this quirky chest of drawers. The irregular shapes make it so cute and fun looking, thought the real appeal were the door knobs. I found out later that the knobs were sold seperately :(

This chair is more my style LOL

Bought this phone cover to replace my current one which is kinda discoloured now

Received a goodie bag because of my purchase. Inside was a plastic Lowry's Farm bag (perfect for cosplay events/shoots), a guide to the Cruise collection, a slim mug and a voucher for future purchases.

Outfit for the night:
Dress: Ice Lemon Tee
Belt: Taobao
Fur stole: Uniqlo
"Bird Brain" Bag: Vintage Enid Collins
Oxfords: Rockport
Stockings: Gift from Aunt (Clearer pic to be uploaded)
Necklace: Metropolitain Museum of Art (clearer pic to be uploaded)

Found a comfy sofa in the showroom to chill and chat abit during the event. I love Steph's Emoda knit top

Took some camwhore shots too

Here's some extra details that the pictures couldn't take of my outfit that day:

Pulled my hair back with this hair barrette that I had bought as a gift to myself from my first pay cheque.
 Picture of the details on my stockings. It's the first time I've worn it since my aunt gave it to me as a gift like a year or so back

My necklace, unfortunately, I don't have the curtain tassle necklace that the Grimoire staff are well-known for wearing, neither do I have much vintage necklaces. This was the best option as it was a copied design by the Metropolitain Museum of Art from some necklace that dated back to the 18th century or something. The gold colour also matched the belt I was wearing.

I'll do a quick image post soon as a few thing have happened recently, namely, the EOY (End-Of-Year) cosplay event as well as finally managing to catch the Rorounin Kenshin live action movie before it stops running in cinemas.
I've got a few reveiw posts to do too, ugh!! Woes of a working life, too many things but too little time, lets hope I'll be able to churn out those posts ASAP!

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