Saturday, October 27, 2012

Darkening My Locks

Quick post about my newest hair colour which I finally did today so tht it'll be "fresh" for my University convocation this coming Monday. No more hair roots to deal with!!

Sadly, due to Singapore's more conservative stance on what's appropriate for the workplace, I decided the safest bet for a new colour would be dark brown colours. But being the closet rebel that I am, I am adamant about not becoming a coporate clone and will fight tooth and nail for it!!! Office rules be damn! Okay, not really... but being still unwilling to totally give up my Gyaru roots, I found an old picture of Momoko Ogihara and used it as inspiration for my new hair colour.

 I showed my hairdresser this old picture of Momoko, back when she had dark brown hair in like 2010?

However, due to my previous hair colour, we couldn't get the exact same shade of colour as Momoko's hair and I also wanted to ensure that my new hair colour wouldn't fade out like before. So sadly, my only option was to go darker and I wound up with this:

It's a dark chocolate brown with alittle ashy colour as the ends due to the previous bleaching. Honestly, I just think it looks like straight on black in some light but thankfully it isn't as there is a slight orange-red tinge in certain lightings. 

I'm still trying to get used to looking at myself with darker hair colour but one thing I'm grateful for is that my hair looks really strong and healthy now as the dark colour masks all my damaged ends. Not to mention, I always though red lips looked better with darker hair as it produces a more seductive appeal. So I might just be breaking out my red lipstick once again!