Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Feeling crummy again so I figured why not distract myself with a light-hearted post :/
Was tagged by Mitsu of Universal Doll bout the topic: Hair
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1. My hair's texture is slightly wavy and I'm prone to having flyaway ends if I don't condition my hair properly. I also get frizz sometimes, which I combat with a drop of organic shine serum.

2. I wash my hair every alternate day with a deep moisturizing shampoo and condition with a hair mask. I also make sure to comb out my hair before sleeping and apply alittle hand cream to the dry areas. If my hair/scalp gets alittle oily, I'll spray on and comb out with a dry shampoo (review coming soon!)

3. I curl my hair with a normal, cheap Philips hair curler and adjust the barrel size according to how much my hair has grown out from its last cut. The longer the time from the cut, the smaller the barrel to get the curl and the longer I clamp my hair down with the curler. I straighten my hair on lazy/normal days with a cheap Watsons brand hair straightening iron. Not that great but it neatens everything though I still get kinks along my shoulder area

4. To retain my curls through the day, I spray a crazy load of hairspray on my hair to combat the humidity. My hair literally became crunchy in the past, but I've cut down from before as it caused alot of breakage. Now it's just alittle stiff

5. My favourite hair colours that I've done on myself were my recent red hair, my platinum blonde and the faded pink hair I got when my purplish/pink/red hair washed out ages ago.

6. I have no idea how to backcomb my hair till I can actually get the Agejo style pouff at the crown, my arms get too tired even after alittle while of backcombing. I also don't know how to get the side braids/dreads that the Ora Ora girls do so well. I've been wanting to get it done for awhile now. 

7. I brush my hair out every night with a boar bristle brush and comb through with a ox horn comb. They contain natural ions that help me get shiny hair with less frizz and minimal products.

7. I plan to get my hair done soon, but considering I'm still job-less and uncertain bout which industry I'll be going to, I'll probably just dye my hair a safe chocolate brown or something. That way, I won't be forced to change my hair colour if I wind up in a corporate environment.

I'm not going to tag other people for this since most of the time when I do tag, I am mostly ignored. So if you wanna do it, just let me know. Hmm... since the topic this time is hair, perhaps my choice of topic will be "Makeup", but it's really up to whoever who wants to take up the challenge.

Will be updating bout my night out with Steph to see the CyberJapan girls soon, but if you can't wait, just head to her blog first. She's already done her post.
Going to sleep now... perhaps sleep will help me forget my emotional turmoil for just abit.

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