Monday, October 15, 2012

CyberJapan Bikini Night 2012 Singapore

Yet another super late post, but I've been really busy running to interviews all week building my new chest of drawers and slowly clearing and cleaning my room. I've still got two more backlogged posts so lets get straight down to the details.

Steph and I attended the Bikini Night party at Zouk. I hardly ever go clubbing but being able to see the CyberJapan girls was more then enough of a reason to go!

If you still don't know, the CyberJapan group is the most well-known go-go dancer club in Japan and they often attend events overseas as guest artistes. Some of the dancers also work as models (for magazines such as Nuts and HappieNuts) or brand ambassadors (like Skinny Lip)

The CyberJapan girls often make trips to Singapore as guest artistes for other performing DJs, but this is the first time I recall having 4 of them together in one night (most cases, only 2 dancers are present).

I was alittle disappointed that my favourite dancer, Rino, wasn't part of the 4 to come to Singapore this time. But at least I got to see the Watanabe sisters, Raika and my second favourite dancer, Hiroko.

 Promo poster in Zouk's bathroom LOL

Steph and I both wore our F21 dresses and heels that we had gotten during our KL trip. Basically, my entire outfit (dress, heels & bracelet) came from KL, my bag is the only exception haha. Steph wore her fab leopard print dress, I think it suits her really well.

 Lovely Hiroko, too bad her hair wasn't curled in the Mode style that suits her so well

 Steph's favourite dancer, Watanabe Kazue

We were barely able to take shots of the girls due to all the dancing, and the both of us were pretty much the only girls up close to the stage, the rest of the area were crowded with insane fanboys. Some were pretty sweet, I remember seeing one guy give Hiroko a bouquet of roses.

 Met two other friends and P during the event. We hung out at the bar and drank some more, though I was already pretty high and tipsy at this point in time.

Super fun girls night out with Steph. 

 Closer look at my dress (hadn't worn my heels and bracelet when this pic was taken)
Love the ruched detailing and the 2 "stripes" are actually zips exposing hidden panels with extra studs and beading details

Heavier eye makeup which I hadn't done in a long long time. No idea why my face looks so pink in this pic LMAO

After the event, Steph, P and I cabbed back to Steph's place where we hung out for awhile and it also gave me a chance to sober up alittle. I was so drunk, my phone "slipped" from my fingers and wound up being flung behind Steph's bed! It was hilarious watching Steph drunkenly cursing at me while fishing for my phone, haha I owe her big time for that.

Oh! I also forgot to add that I was clumsy enough to actually fall down some stairs just before the event started! The best part was, I hadn't even drunk a single drop of alcohol before falling down, hahahah!!! I had 2 spectacular bruises on my knees to remember that night for the entire week after. 

It was an incredibly fun night and definitely something I'll remember for a long while as it was also the first night that I had ever gotten that drunk and had a hungover the next day (I've got super high alcohol tolerance lol). However, I do hope that the next time the CyberJapan girls come to Singapore, Rino will be part of the troupe this time. 

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