Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fun With Kayo & Friends

Today's been a rather sucky day for me, firstly, I attended a stupid job interview that is completely different from the job scope they had listed initially, my heel got stuck in a drain grate and as I was pulling it out, 2 girls were laughing at me through the whole process. Then I left my handphone at the bf's house and now, there's a stye on my left eyelid causing me quite abit of pain. Yup, great life... so I figured why not blog bout something happy to take my mind off things, and not to mention, I am behind on posts once again.

Anyway, globe-trotting gyaru, Kayo, was in town last week so naturally, Steph and I arranged to be able to meet up with her to show her around. We didn't take as many pictures as I had hoped as we were rushing around quite abit :(

Canwhored while waiting for Kayo to get her nails done

She did Gelish in this lovely wine red, I did my nails too, but in a softer, glittery pink. No pics because I forgot to take (>_<)

We let Kayo try out some local fare for dinner

But before that, camwhore time again!  

Yummy wanton mee with black sauce for Kayo and I (Steph ordered hers with ketchup lol), Kayo kept commenting how it reminded her of Yaki Soba and loved the Chinese style char siew (marinated and roasted pork) slices alot! She finished the whole bowl despite constantly saying she was too full hahaha. 

Kayo left early that day, so I wound up at Steph's favourite darts bar

My outfit that day:
Shirt: Snidel
Leather skirt: Murua
Studded boots: Gripz
Studded hairband: random shop online

Steph also loaned me her amazing circle sunglasses with a holographic cat image on the lenses. Too cool!! I need one in my collection too. I also tried out a different makeup style, kinda like Nuts with the cats eye, lashes with defined ends and orange blush and lips

We met Kayo again on another day, this time with another friend, Hana. We headed to Old Airport Road food court for more delicious local food, and Hana let Kayo try out Prawn mee with the largest freaking prawns I had ever seen! I also let Kayo have a taste of a local snack called Goreng Pisang (malay for Fried banana), she loved it lol!

Shared Soy beancurd for dessert!

After lunch, we headed down to Mustafa, Singapore's only 24-hr shopping mall and a great place to get sounvenirs for cheap. Camwhored on the train ride over haha

Rows and rows of chocolates and biscuits with the Merlion image slapped upon the packaging

Kayo was surprised at the low prices of all the foods stuffs, honestly, I think the price is meh, but according to Steph, food prices in Japan can be pretty high

Steph reccomending pineapple tarts to Kayo haha

She also spotted this insanely creepy biscuit packaging, the kid's eyes look like they're staring right into your soul *shudders*

Headed to the Esplanade after our adventure in Mustafa. We managed to reach as the sun was setting across the Singapore River
Obligatory touristy shots of the Marina Bay Sands haha, I stayed at a room during my 21st birthday celebration but their prices are scary. The Preseidential suite is currently at SGD$20,000/night

Steph's turn to do the tourist shot LOL, me love her new Vivenne Westwood flats!

Group picture of all of us!

Kayo finally got to see up close the one thing most Japanese tourists are obssessed about in Singapore. Our Merlion, and honestly, it was my first time being up close to it hahah fail as a local. Oh look, the Merlion used me as target to hurl upon 

we ate ramen for dinner at Ippudo Tao except for Kayo because she was on a diet

Brought Kayo to play darts, the extra guy is Lester, he works at the darts bar

One more group pic of us!

Kayo having fun at darts

Hana too

My outfit:
3 -way Top: Murua
Shorts: Spiral Girl
Shoes: borrowed from Mom
Cat-ear hairband: Taobao

I really really loved my hair and makeup that day

It was really enjoyable hanging out with Kayo and chatting with her. She's a great person and I deeply admire the courage it must have taken her to decide to quit her job and go travelling around the world while being shown around by people that she met on the Internet. She's definitely something else.

Also, with her advice, I've decided to try out Aquadoll wigs, since her wig looked really good and she said the quality was close to Prisila's but for cheaper.

 Kayo's currently enjoying her stay at Kuala Lumpur but I'm hoping to be able to meet her at least one last time before she flies back to Japan. Crossing my fingers!