Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Current Favourite Songs 13

This month's selection:

It Hurts (2NE1): As everybody probably knows, I'm not a fan of K-pop. But this music video really grabbed my attention, with the amazing set, costumes and wigs. The drama student in me was squealing in glee at this visual porn, I always sit in awe at just how amazing this whole video is and my heart yearns to be able to work with a set like this someday.

Universal Bunny (sung by the character Sheryl Nome, whose actual singer is May'n): I haven't watched this anime yet, because I'm afraid of getting too obssessed with Sheryl Nome and start having delusions of cosplaying her. Alot of cosplayers have fallen into that trap and I've seen a local cosplayer who seems hellbent on cosplaying her and no one else. But after a friend showed me this video, I couldn't get the amazing concert scene out of my head. Perhaps I'll start on the anime after all...

Theme for Scanty & Kneesocks (DJ: Teddyloid): I kept listening to this song when I was studying. The constant heavy beat kept me awake and the lack of lyrics helped me focus my attention on my work instead of attemtping to sing-along to the song. I love this song alot and its really awesome to listen to when I'm getting ready to go out, because I find it really sexy and helps to boost my confidence.

Rolling in The Deep (Adele): Is it just me or what, but lately I've found most Western pop to have gone quite stale in terms of creativity, I keep hearing remixes and such a la Jennifer Lopez and Black eyed peas. So I was very relieved and excited when I came across this song, it was the palate cleanser I needed and a very much sought after breathe of fresh air in terms of talent and creative direction. I hope this girl goes far though her kind of music may probably only reach a niche audience.

Kare Uta (the Gazette): My favourite song from them, I love the poetic lyrics and the way Ruki's tongue rolls over the words. All the better to hear his incredibly sexy deep voice, hahah its the fangirl in me calling out! I doubt I'll ever stop loving Gazette.


  1. Hah those are some fun songs there.
    I love panty and stocking!!! haha my favorite is D-city rock its such a fun song :)

  2. Ah! At Sakura Con this year (biggest anime convention in Seattle) there were two girls cosplaying as Scanty and Kneesocks! It was so cooooool.

  3. @ Mie - Hahha, yeah! D City Rock is so funny and for a nonsensical anime, it has quite good songs.

    @ Ayame - Oooooh, I'd love to try cosplaying Scanty and Kneesocks, but my partner doesn't want to go through the trouble of the body paint :( so i guess I won't be doing it. But its always awesome when someone does it.

  4. i love adele's rolling in the deep! :) She's really popular here in UK! :)

  5. @ Belle - Yess, Adele is awesome!! Oh! I didn't know that she's really popular in the UK!