Thursday, April 21, 2011

Personal Outfit 60 (French Dinner & School Modules)

Opps, okay, I kept delaying this post because I was trying hard to study for my exams tomorrow so it's been like a week since I wore this outfit. I wore it to join some friends for dinner at a cute little french eatery and to select my new modules for classes next semester. Nothing really spectacular bout it because I was more concerned bout comfort though I did like my makeup that day:


Over-sized off shoulder wool top: Taobao

Ripped Leggings: Murua

Shoes: Online

Bag: Chanel

Spectacle frames: Random shop in Far East Plaza

Red lips and less intense false upper lashes, I also didn't bother putting any lower lashes. I loved my makeup base here, my skin looks ultra smooth! I did not edit the photo in anyway.

A pic of Esther and I, used a purikura app to add the heart because my eye looked really weird there.

Ugh, I'm kindda upset about my whole school module selection thing. What happened was that I did the pre-registration with my friends but unlike them, I didn't get any information about change of classes or that their stuff had been registered and all they need to do was to pay. So blur old me, went to school, saw that most classes were already filled up, so I changed my registration to fit into the available classes. Only after the whole thing did my friends tell me that my registration had probably gone through and the school had probably failed to inform me, so now I suspect I may have a lesson all alone, without the company of my friends. Totally sucks!!!

Ugh, just gotta suck it up I guess, maybe I'll be able to make new friends I guess.


  1. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥ You are rocking that blonde hair + red lips! My favourite look of yours by far~
    & awh, that sucks about your classes! XD Maybe you can get it changed?

  2. I loooove your outfit and your red lipstick!! You rock :D
    Also your baaag, I would kill for it!!!

  3. the bag is so nice and i love your hair! it's like barbie's!

  4. Toooo cute! Love your outfit <3

  5. you look cute in your outfit!!

  6. I really like this outfit, the monotone color is classy and really shows off the texture in the clothing. It suits your bright hair color too!

  7. Love the outfit! it's simple but stands out by itself. Goes perfectly with the bag. And r.e. the school thing, it seems like class registration systems everywhere have the same issues. It's really annoying! PLUS, sometimes it's difficult to make friends in a new class cause everyone has their own cliques already. OTL. Hope everything goes well~ :)

  8. love the make-up, esp. the red lippie! btw i was wondering, are there any liquid eyeliners (pref. in a dark moss green & for sensitive skin) that you'd recommend for beginners?

    i usually use kohl crayons but i'm getting tired of having to sharpen them always (otherwise i look like a panda).

  9. @ Tori - Thank you so much bb!! Actually, I think I may have lessons with my friends, since they said our timing seems to be the same, problem is no one's exactly rememebring which day is which lesson hahah.

    @☆~Jenia~☆ - Aww thanks alot!

    @ The Doll Gal - Haha thanks! I don't think its quite like Barbie's colour yet, but it'll be there soon! Though I wish my hair could be as smooth as a doll's >.<"

    @ Emy - Thanks Emy dear!

    @ BuNnYLuverz - Thanks sweetie1

    @ SARA MARI - Thank you! Hmm I didn't quite notice it before, but i agree, the texture of the clothes are more obvious haha

    @ Sugarholic - Thank you! And i totally agree! Class registrations tend to get quite chaotic and the schools don't seem to be making things easier with weird rules and protocols. I think my friends and I may have ended up in the same classes but yea, it sucks if you're a loner in a class full of cliquies.

    @ ursie - Thank you! Oh wow, that's a real challenge, I don't recall seeing many green liquid liners though I think your best bet might be Majolica Majorca. Liquid liners are all about practice but I do find the ones in a pen are far easier to control then the ones that seperate into a brush and pot. I haven't had a breakout from Majolica Majorca products thus far, but my current eyeliner is Heroine Make (the pen version), it dries almost instantaneously.

  10. thanks so much for the advice hotaru! i myself am quite intimidated by the brush & pot ones.. time for me to do a bit of product research on MM then!