Monday, April 25, 2011

Makeup Review: Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex in PK-313

Wow, I just took a look at the comments on my previous post, I'm glad you guys liked my outfit though I was really surprised it got that much response considering I didn't put as much thought into it as my other outfits. But thanks for the lovely compliments, it really made my day!

My exams are finally over!! Yay! I'm not feeling too positive bout the results as I couldn't remember major parts in my modules so I'm just crossing my fingers that I'll at least get a pass. Not the best result I know I could get, but I'll be quite content with it. So now with the holidays, I'll try and finish up all the reviews that I've listed for sometime now, so apologies to those of you who have been waiting for them, I'll get them up as soon as possible.

Today's review is Majolica Majorca's Rouge Majex in PK- 313. Rouge Majex is kindda like a cross between a gloss and a lipstick, with the ease of being able to slick it on without the need for a mirror but yet with greater colour intensity then a normal gloss.

The ever-cute packaging that always makes me squeal with delight whenever I purchase something from Majolica Majorca

A swab of the gloss on the back of my hand. Its a sweet light pink with silver shimmers and as you can see, the colour is greater in intensity as compared to other glosses

(Left: With Flash, Right: Without Flash)

I applied the gloss on my bare lips and as you can see, it does give a slight pinkish hue that I could only previously achieve with the combination of a lipstick and a gloss. However, as you can see in the pic without flash, it does tend to get bit frosty if you apply more then just a thin swab, but since I usually apply it over my Anna Sui pink lipsticks, it doesn't really produce the frosty effect.

I had decided to get it after I was getting rather irritated at my other 2 Majorlica Majorca Honey Pump lipglosses for constantly failing me. They didn't do much in terms of boosting my lipstick's colour, so I use them as nude glosses now. So in summary:

Colour: Sheer pink for me but some people have claimed it looks more peachy on them, so I guess it depends on your skintone. There is some shimmer in it so do be careful bout putting too much unless the frosty look is what you want to achieve, but other then that, the colour is buildable.

Ingredients: Claims to have olive oil and royal jelly in it to boost moisturizing properties and giving it, it's smooth texture.

Texture: Smooth but bit sticky in the usual lipgloss way, but its wipes off more easily then normal glosses.

Scent: Smells bit sweet to me, almost like candy, but not in a nauseating, artificial manner.

Long-lasting: Not quite, like normal glosses, it wipes off easily so you do need to touchup pretty often, but with the doe-foot applicator, it should be pretty easy to touchup even without a mirror.

Cost: $17.90 (bit pricey for a small tube but I like the colour and texture, and since its quality is on par with other pricier brands, I don't mind re-purchasing this)

Generally Majorlica Majorca's products are pretty good, my only disappointments were the honey pump liglosses that washed out my lipstick's colour, but I've found better use for them as sheer lipglosses, so I guess if you do get the honey pump glosses, get the ones in stronger colours. Trust me, the colours aren't as intense as it looks when you actually apply them to your face. I feel sorta tempted to try out their powder foundation after I read that a Kera magazine model uses them. If its good enough for her to be used in shoots, I guess it should be good enough for daily use I guess. Only problem is, I'm too used to using liquid and cream foundations now hahah, so we'll see I guess.


  1. Awh, I'm sure you did great bb ♥ Have hope, haha!
    & the colour of that gloss looks pretty~ the price of Majolica Majorca cosmetics always turned me off because I feel like there are similar (& probably even equal quality) products in other brands, but I think I would be willing to try something from them. Let us know if that powder works if you decide to get it!

  2. Such a lovely color! Someday I 'll get it too :D

  3. Majolica Majorca has always such gorgeous packaging! Though i find that their products tend to be a little overpriced for the quality, and i agree with the honey pump lipgloss being slightly disappointing too. Do you know if there's a price difference for these brands that Sasa and Watsons carry though? I've never checked. That aside, hope your results turn out well~

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  5. @ LovelyKimi - Its a cross between a lipgloss and lipstick actually haha, but thanks!

    @ Tori - Thanks bb! Yea, u're right, the price can be a turnoff especially when it's supposed to be Shiseido's poorer cousin. So it isn't worth it if blogshops or websites charge skyhigh prices, they're just ripping you off since its suppsoed to be a drugstore brand.But their stuff are not too bad, just don't expect too much. I'll definitely review the powder if I get it!

    @ ☆~Jenia~☆ - thank you dear! Its definitely something nice to get, just avoid getting it for too expensive a price, because its technically a Japanese drugstore brand.

    @ Phaik Yie - yesss!!! Their packaging always steals my heart, and yes the honey lipglosses were so disappointing. I find their quality not too bad but I agree on the price part, I find it bit irritating sometimes that I'm paying so muhc for a drugstore brand. Hmm, I've never checked the price differences between Sasa and Watsons because Watsons sells it instore here whereas Sasa doesn't so never really checked it out. And thanks for the luck on my exams!

    @ sameena Khan - Why hello and welcome to my humble blog! I'm glad you liked it and found it informative, haha I'll definitely try to keep up the standard thanks for dropping by!