Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cosplay, cosplay....

I'm in the process of bugging my photographer friends and trawling the local cosplay community's website for any pictures of me at the Cosfest event and slowly putting them through the editting process of making myself skinnier and prettier (hur hur!).

I also need to work on my old Just Be Friends pictures, they've been on the backburner for far too long and should be ready soon. I'm just being picky with them becasue my legs had alot of bad marks because my eczema was flaring up then, so they also looked chunkier thanks to water retention. So I'm still contemplating if I should even be displaying them (>.<)"

In the mean time, enjoy this series of photographs that Kenneth took for me during the Haru Bazaar. I was playing around while he and Ryusei were prepping Esther for her shoot and he caught me twirling around and laughing like a maniac to myself. Kenneth initially didn't send me this batch of pictures, but I like them alot and I find that I just look so happy that I can't help but smile to myself at the thought of just how much fun I had that day.


  1. Even though it wasn't completely intentional, this is perfect for Miku's character XDDDD Wait, you are cosplaying Miku right? *doesn't know a lot of animes, had to guess by hair*

  2. @ キャセヂ姫 - hahah, yes I'm cosplaying Miku here. Her hair is pretty unique so i doubt you could go wrong haha, and yea, it was totally random shots but it turned out nice anyway :D