Monday, June 13, 2011

Comifest 2 (2011) Day 1 (Gintama Kagura, Yoshiwara Arc version)

Hey sorry guys for not updating for so long. Just been really busy with real life and I kept having to pester my photographer friends to hurry up and send their photos of me. Well, I've finally gotten the pictures for the weekend that I cosplayed, and Esther and I actually attended 2 different events but because we didn't really have much planned for these events we just decided to swap our outfits the next day. I also used this as an opportunity to give my Gintama Kagura kimono outfit a test run so that I would know what to expect for Cosfest. Okay enough talk, lets take a look at the pics! First up are the random, behind the scenes fun pics:

I laugh whenever I look at this picture because I find it looks so silly but fun at the same time. I was trying to do a "V" sign but Joshua's head is blocking my hand and Kenneth was scouting around for a good angle to take some pics.

Esther took this shot of me when I was gobbling a burger for lunch. I look like a hamster storing food in my cheeks but yet, this is so much like my character, Kagura, that its actually kindda funny. If you didn't know, she wolfs down food like crazy, and she literally eats all the rice straight from the rice cooker.

Since Kagura does martial arts and was trained in a dojo, I asked a group of Taekwondo practitioners who were conveniently practising in front of me if I could snap some pictures with them. This sempai was game enough and taught me this basic stance, because I know zero about Taekwondo.

Hahah, another picture, this time you can see the rest of the camera-shy students and sensei practising in the background.

Okay, now time for the more serious photoshoot pictures:

My favourite picture of the day. I had a "fat face" day so alot of my pictures made my face look chubby and round, but thankfully this one doesn't. I think the wig also contributed to the "fat face" look, gotta layer the sides abit more.

Love the movements in this picture (see my super stuffed pillowy ribbon, Esther and I nicknamed it fairy wings/mermaid tail, because its so big, I can hug is to sleep if I choose to do so)

Stupid lamp post (see if you can spot it!) ruined this nice nature shot, but it still looks nice anyway

Last picture, another one of Kagura staring out. She does that quite abit hahaha...

Sorry bout the picture spam, I know its bit much but I did have quite abit of fun that day, despite half melting from the heat and humidity and the event ending pretty early at 530pm. But it was a fun day, I'll update the next costume as soon as possbile. Just need to sort through the pictures now.

P.S. Thanks Kenneth (Zelmer) and Ryusei for the pictures!


  1. I loooove the pictures! You look so cute and you do such awesome cosplays *____________*

  2. great cosplay!! you did a great job~~ xx

  3. You look SO pretty in this one! ♥

  4. @ キャセヂ姫 - Oh Ayame (sorry, I'm so used to calling you that XP), I haven't seen you in awhile, haha I shall rememebr you're called Kassidy now haha. And thanks for the compliments, I still have alot to learn though.

    @ kalai - Thank you!! I'm glad the cosplay turned out alright depsite the heat and humidity

    @ Tori - Thanks bb!!!

  5. hi i need some tips how did u get the socks i mean are they called knee socks or thigh high because i want to cosplay kagura too

    1. Sorry for replying so late!! I found them at a local store called This Fashion years back. I consider them thigh high as they go past my knees

  6. Now I follow your blog for three reasons:

    1) you like Gintama
    2) I do taekwondo and I love it
    3) You called this blog 'Something borrowed something new'' which is a quote from doctor who.

    are you an angel sent by someone over there?