Saturday, November 21, 2009

Edge/s Models'

(from top left, clockwise)
Jun Komori (Popteen): Casual Celeb
"Hibo" Hiromi Imaizumi (Egg): Cool Sexy
Ayana Tsubaki (Koakuma Ageha): Natural Feminine
"Rumiringo" Rumi Itabashi (Egg): Girly Rock
(From top left, clockwise)
"Momoeri" Eri Momoka: Noble Gorgeous
Kinkirakin (Koakuma Ageha): Glitter Sweet
Kei (Nuts): Black Beauty
Gals on the cover are Rumiringo, Kei, Jun Komori and Momo Eri
I did abit of digging and managed to find out abit more about the new Gal magazine that is being released, not to mention, several pictures of the models who are being roped in for this project. Each model was roped in to represent different types of Gal looks and as you can see from the various magazines they come from, Edge/s is definitely trying their best to be as diverse as possible with Gal style. Not to mention, the magazine's vision is "No Concept But Edge".
From their offical website, the contents that will be in the magazine are grouped into different sections as follows:
What is Edge style?
  • 10 Rules of Edgelista
  • Fashion
  • Edgelista's Best Buy
  • Whose Bag is This?
  • kei's Underwear Diary

Seven Senses of Edgelista

  • Colors in Edgestyle
  • Photo archive
  • 4 Denim styles
  • Kei X Jel'emets Solo
  • Change the Girl
  • High Private
  • Edge Snaps in Tokyo
  • My Mama Life
  • 3 models on 2 hairs

Groove your Edge!

  • Key 1: step
  • Key 2: Chronicle
  • Key 3: Relation
  • Key 4: Culture
  • Key 5: Money
  • Key 6: Children
  • Key 7: Business
  • Key 8: eat
  • Key 9: boy
  • Key 10: body
  • Key 11: Love
  • Key 12: People

Abit early to judge it yet, we'll see how it is when its come out, but from the content listed out, it maybe more for the older Gals out there, those in the late teens to early and mid twenties even. I'm definitely waiting for it with bated breathe now after taking a look at their website, so I can't wait for it to be released late this month.

Btw, don't you just love the way the models are styled? Its such a refreshing change to see them dressed so casual and simple instead of their usual, overdone looks.

Information and images from and the offical website

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