Sunday, November 15, 2009

Limited Edition Christmas Cosmetics

Jo Malone's Christmas scent range consists of amber and lavender, nutmeg and ginger, grapefruit, pomegranate etc. all blended with Orange Blossom, the scents can be mixed and matched to suit individual's desires
L'occitane's Christmas collection are Candy Rose Body Cream and a Milky Bath Sweet Cherry (not sure what this is, maybe a bath foam?)

Shu Uemura's Christmas set contains a premium brush set which consists of brushes that most women use on a daily basis such as face/blush brush, blush/eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow brush and lip brush all packed into a dainty pouch

Lancome was strikingly similar to HR and Sisley, but they differed from their competitors by packing their little bag with their best-selling products instead of their latest range

Sisley is also similar to HR, by producing miniature verisons of their latest skin care range, plus a little pouch to store the loot

Helena Rubinstein's collection consists of their latest skin care range all packaged neatly in miniature versions in a classy clutch bag

RMK's Christmas Palette 2009 consists of Powder, 4 Eye Colour, Cheek Colour, mini make up brushes, Lip gloss and a bag to store it all

Jill Stuart's Cake- inspired Christmas Collection as I've written about previously

Estee Lauder's "Jewel Tiara Compact" with Pressed Powder and Dior's "Crystal Gloss Jewel" filled with a soft pink lipgloss and decorated with a visually striking array of Swarovski crystals
Once again, as every year comes to a close, make up brands start to create, promote and eventually hawk their limited edition cosmetics. I do have to admit, many of them are incredibly beautiful and to seal the deal, they often come in extrememly beautiful packaging, however, all these beauty often causes my wallet and card to take a massive beating and not to mention, often they create such beautiful colours with their eye shadows and lipsticks but due to their "limited" status, often when you've gotten addicted to that special shadow or lip colour, you can never ever, ever find it again (did I stress the never enough?).
Still, despite that very sad fact, its too hard to resist the delicious packaging, the soft often glittery colours and the "Limited Edition" status.... so bad luck for you Mr Piggy.... here piggy, piggy.... *evil grin plastered on my face with a hammer in my hand*....


  1. There are some really nice sets on this post. I really like the first one and the bath foam set as well.

  2. Sorry bout not replying, I hardly check the comments section of my blog.... such a bad habit...

    I didn't manage to get any of the sets, spent too much on xmas pressies... sob...