Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Personal Outfits (Happy Lunar New Year!)

Happy Lunar/ Chinese New Year everyone!! This year is the year of the Snake, my zodiac year hahaha so you know exactly how old I am if you understand the zodiac calender. I don't fully believe in all those fortune predictions and stuff but well, seems like my luck and fortune will only improve in the second half of the year, oh well :/

Celebrated the first day of the lunar new year with my Mom's relatives, and as per tradition I wore a new dress:

Dress: Snidel

Had a bad hair day but I couldn't really care less, wore simple makeup with only basic top lashes and also wore flats LOL probably the most relaxed New year outfit I've had on for awhile.
Necklace: Osewaya

Came home to change into something more relaxed for the late dinner/BBQ:

T-shirt: Tiger & Bunny X Uniqlo Collab
Shorts: Uniqlo
Tied my hair up into a simple high ponytail
Scrunchie: Franc Franc

Met the bf for our early Valentine's day dinner today since he'll be working on the day itself

Knit top: Uniqlo
PVC shorts: Salvation Army
Stockings: Can't remember
Scarf: borrowed from Mom
Even simpler makeup today with no lashes, just mascara and I used peach blush instead

The only reason why single people tolerate with nosy relatives year after year LOL I jest.

Sorry if my blog is getting kinda boring now, I'm in the midst of trying to rebuild my wardrobe to head towards more of the style I'm trying to head to.

Gotta sign off now, I'm going fishing with my sis and dad tomorrow and we have to get up early to get prime fishing spots so till next time!

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