Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Hair & New Style

Late post is late and I won't make any excuses for it, only to admit that I was being lazy and kept putting it off. Well, here I am, finally getting myself to write down this post so apologies to all.

With the upcoming Chinese New year celebrations, I finally made myself get my hair done after bout 3 1/2 months since my last hair dye and hair cut sessions.

Showed my hairdresser this picture to get an idea for the colour. Though I told him to make the actual shade darker since my hair is still a tad weak after all the bleaching from before

The eventual result!! I love it! Though I'm bit sad that it's bit boring now, but hey at least it matches my skin tone.

After that I went to my favourite hairdresser for a much needed haircut, I also found out that under different lighting conditions, my hair colour differs, sometimes it looks bit red like here. I took the plunge and decided to cut my fringe back to blunt bangs, it just seems to suit my overall style bit more though I am still getting used to camwhoring with the new length.
As the title says, I'm moving onto a different style of dressing now. Something about gyaru just isn't cutting it for me anymore, not quite sure why but then again, I can't quite say I'm really gyaru lately anyway. The 3 main styles that have been influencing me lately are namely, Mori kei, Cult Party kei and Dolly kei.

great examples of the 3 different styles, pic found on Tumblr

To be honest, I still get alittle confused between the 3 since they all share quite a number of similarities. All 3 styles prefer vintage clothes though it's not quite a must for Mori, and I know that Dolly is probably the richest and most colourful of the lot with rich embroidery and great detailing. Guess I gotta do more research on them before deciding what to add to my wardrobe next time.

Of course with real life, I won't 100% dress like that all the time, my outfits will probably vary depending on occasion, mood, weather etc. so I can't exactly say I'm definitely heading that direction and I do love Gyaru-style makeup. I guess I might wind up with a mix of everything hahaha, let's just see how it goes, it might work, or I might just end up as a huge mess.

On  side note, I thought I'd try this Instagram beauty challenge for fun: 

I've been right on schedule so far (though I did start out 5 days late :p), and it's definitely been fun. I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to achieve day 13 though, I only apply makeup if I'm going out so yea... guess I'll figure something out by then hahah. So if you're interested in taking a look at what my postings are for this challenge, just take a look at my Instagram: hortaru 

Though I do have to warn you that it is filled with alot of randomness if you haven't already checked it out previously hahaha


  1. That is a lovely color on you! I'm so jealous of your bangs; I miss mine now. XD

    I think it's fun to change up your style; I hope you'll keep posting coordinate shots. ^ ^

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hahaha thank you! You could always cut them or perhaps get clip-on versions to change up your look when you feel like it?

      I'll definitely post coordinates whenever I can :)

  2. Dolly kei is more to the darker side of these 3 (best example would be Grimore's shop staff especially one called Heri, you can check this tumblr out for dolly kei coordinates: If I remember correctly I think it was influenced by Europe/Russian darker styles.

    Mori kei tends to focus more on creams, greys, browns, etc. Basically if you can imagine the person living in a forest and being one with it, it's pretty much mori kei. Like if you put this mori kei girl/guy with a forest background she/he wouldn't look weird, it's like they are one together.

    Cult party kei has a much wider spectrum of colours compared to mori kei - both the coordinates nearly always consists of various layers but I find cult party kei's layers to be more delicate compared to mori kei layers due to the amount of tulle/lace they use. Plus they use other more uncommon colours (eg light baby blue, pastel pink, lavender). Mori kei clothing usually focus on cotton whereas cult party kei can use up to a lot of different types of materials.

    The make up for both cult party kei and mori kei differs somewhat from what I see in the street snaps of TokyoFashion, they layer on the blush quite heavily above their cheeks, mori kei make up is much lighter I think.

    1. Dolly kei is influenced by Eurpoean styles hence the red and green tones prevalent in alot of their outfits as well as gold embroidery. Haha I found that tumblr long ago and am currently perusing it for inspiration :)

      Mori is very natural so alot of naturl materials are used like soft cotton with minimal detailings

      Cult party and mori are often confused as the colour palette is much the same though cult party allows for greater variety of colours like pale blues, pinks and urples and are quite influenced by 80's pop fashion hence the badges and neone accesories.

      Cult party and dolly do layer blush heavily just below their eyes above their cheekbones and they also don't shy away from using false lashes or even feathers sometimes for dolly. Mori tends to use just mascara and basic lashes with either light pink or peach blush and lips :)

  3. I don't comment often on your blog, but I'm an avid reader of yours (I've read every post of yours ever since I found your blog!). I gotta say, as much as I am fascinated with gyaru culture and your outfits when your style was still "Gyaru-influenced", I much prefer you in um, zakka? style.. Not just because I find it more relatable & easier to emulate, but because it makes you look fresher. I'm really looking forward to see what outfits you'll come up with in the future. ^^

    1. Aww thanks so much for being a constant reader of my blog. Haha I look fresher in that style? I didn't realise it haha but thanks for saying that :)

      Thanks for all the support and I hope you continue reading my blog