Monday, February 18, 2013

Arcana Famiglia Shoot

Now that I have time on my hands, I managed to get round to editing my shoot photos of my amazing Arcana Famiglia team! The shoot was pretty rushed but fun nontheless and we managed to take plenty of nice shots thanks once again to Vaxzone's wonderful guidance.

Shots with the baka trio LOL. If you watch the series or play the game, you'll get why they're called that.

With Esther and Selicia's sis (god I always foget her name *slaps self*)

Gabby being a cute butler haha.

Selicia suits her character, Pace, to a T.

Family portrait with weapons

An individual shot of me

Bonus shot of Gabby looking extremely moe like his character, Luca.

I have to thank Selicia, her sister, Mini, Esther and Gabby once again for being my amazing Arcana Famiglia team, without them the cosplay wouldn't have been as fun or as amazing. Also to Vaxzone for producing such amazing pictures during the time crunch and guiding us to producing the best shots possible within the shortest time span, and lastly to the Bf for assisting the shoot and preventing all of us from starving by buying food and rushing back to us.
No cosplay is ever without an amazing group of friends behind it, and I'm so lucky to have met the best people to enjoy my hobby with.

On a side note, I start a new job tomorrow as a marketing executive for a company. I'm hoping things will work out well this time so wish me lots of luck!