Sunday, March 3, 2013

Personal Outfit (Hello, Shibuyas Tokyo Fashion Show)

I managed to score 2 invites to the Hello, Shibuya Tokyo private fashion show, so naturally I grabbed Steph to be my plus one for it. The show was held at Red Dot Design Museum and the size was perfect for the event as it wasn't too large, just small and cozy enough but still had enough space for a catwalk and ample leg room for everyone watching. The designers showcased that evening were very avant-garde and incredibly mind-blowing, I'm still replaying that evening's show in my head.
We had wanted to wait for the professional pictures of the show to be released before posting bout it on our respective blogs, but since they're being impossibly slow with it, we decided to just blog it anyway.

The slogan wall to pose at, the photographer took a picture of us but we haven't seen it surface yet.
Took our seats and waited for the show to start

All the beautiful, cool and funky people slowly streaming in

I forgot to bring my camera, so I tried to take shots of the show with my Iphone, but the lights were too glaring and there's only so much a phone camera can capture, so I gave up after a few shots.

The only professional shot that's been released and my favourite brand of the night. I love how the designer used black light to show off the cage dresses

This was also the first show I've been to where the designer was actually present to take a bow after his/her designs had been paraded before us. It felt good to clap enthusiatically to show just how appreciative I was of being able to see their amazing work.

I rushed down to the event after a tiring day of work and having to be part of a work event where we had to schmooze with the bigshots of the company so pardon my terribly tired face and lack of a good outfit, I tried going mode since it's the only style that's appropriate for the office and fashion show.
Shirt: Emoda
Belt: Borrowed from Mom
Skirt: 2nd-hand from Mom
Heels: Charles & keith
Bag: Jimmy Choo

Wore my vintage mechanical men's watch with open face, I love looking at the machinery in a watch
Also wore my new pinky ring from JRunway, not sure what brand is it from but probably Osewaya. I know it's bit hard to see but it looks like 2 hearts entwined together with 2 diamante 

Makeup for the evening, I touched up my base and applied my lashes and a darker lipstick on my way to the event LOL

With the ever gorgeous Steph, her red hair is simply WOW!

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