Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dollywink Nail Polish Review & Quick Update

Gonna do a quick review on my Dollywink no.8 nail polish. The colour is pretty blue, like a sky blue which is really sweet looking. I'm not sure about the price as I received it for free during the gyaru event run by Watsons ages ago, but I do recall it not being that worth the price for its tiny size as compared to say OPI brand.

Outer Packaging: Was inside a plastic package which had cute lace designs and a large bow print on the top (sorry I forgot to take pictures but you can find it all over the internet). It was relatively easy to open as it was secured simply by tape, so cut the tape and you're ready to go.

Design: the bottle is shaped abit like a jewel, so its really endearing and just screams cuteness. The cap was long enough to paint with though the entire thing is rather small and only contains 4.5ml of nail polish.

Ease of use: The brush was large enough to glide along my nail, however, the formula was thick and gloopy causing alot of product to land on the sides of my nails and made it difficult to control. When I tried to reduce the amount of polish on the brush, I wound up with super thin streaks of polish and I had to apply many times just to create one layer of polish. This created alot of ugly streaks on the nail.

Drying time: It takes an insanely long time to dry! I was watching a movie whilst painting but even after the movie had ended, the polish was still soft when I pressed gently against it. It could be becasue I had to build up a pretty thick layer for the colour to look nice on my nails and to remove any streaks.

Lasting ability: I applied my Majolica Majorca glass drop top coat over it to give it a gel-like shine and it looked really pretty, but it started chipping after 3-4 days. Then again, I do housework and stuffs so nail polishes don't last very long on my hands, however, I've had polishes that last up to a week so comparatively, this polish isn't really resistant to external factors.

Overall: 4/10, only the Dollywink brand and cute colours attract me to it. However, the colours can be bought else where so I probably won't ever purchase Dollywink nail polishes. I'm just glad I got it for free instead of shelling out money only to be disappointed.

On a side note, I'm settling into my new job as a marketing executive pretty nicely, my colleagues have been very nice and patient and there's been alot of guidance along the way. I.m really hoping to stay in this company for the long haul so I am trying my best to get used to everything despite being on a steep learning curve as I've never done design work, whichc now I'm required to do.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the time or energy to dress up lately as I'm either deadbeat or not planning to go out these past weekends. I am getting a shipment of new clothes to suit my cult party/mori/dolly wadever mix it is style that I'm heading at so hopefully, things will get more vibrant on this blog in time to come. In the mean time, here's a super simple outfit I wore last week on a date with the bf:

Shirt: Uniqlo
Inner camisole: Giordano
Shorts: Uniqlo
Wedges: Pretty Fit

I wanted to do simpler makeup a la Rinka style but I ended up back in my old heavier gyaru style, though I only put Dollywink half lashes and only mascara on my bottom lashes.


  1. Now I'm kind of glad I never spent money on this. Even though the color is so pretty, I do agree that many other brands have this color available and are cheaper. Thanks for the review!

    1. Exactly! The range of colours are really pretty but not unique so other then the fact that it is Dollywink brand, the rest no longer appeals to me. Glad you liked the review!

  2. Yeah, it's so weird to me the way that a lot of dollywink things seem to not live up to their price. The lashes are so great, and girls obviously want to support Tsubasa, so why can't they make nice products?
    Because of this, I buy all of my eyeliner and lash glues elsewhere too, even though dollywink has the cutest packaging. :(

    1. Well, technically they are using Tsubasa's name and image, I guess that's why it's pricier then other brands. I do like the Dollywink lash glue though but I haven't tried the eyeliner haha. I guess it could be because the brand behind it is Koji and they specialise in lashes, perhaps that's why their other products aren't as great