Saturday, March 30, 2013

Recent Clothes, Shoes & Accessories Haul

In my quest to change my wardrobe, I've been doing plenty of shopping lately. I've kind of split my wardrobe into 3 sections so far, office, casual & dress-up. Dress-up is more of my cult party kind of influenced look as it's been the most inspiring to me thus far. Lets take a look at what I got so far:  

Patent leather pumps with patent leather and metal ribbon detailing on the front. From Itti & Otto, these shoes weren't cheap at $89.90 but I snagged them at a 15% off sale so only got them for $76++! These are my investment shoes for the office and they've been worth every cent so far, as they're super comfy and look great

Taobao haul consisting of pink streaked wig, creepers, two cross necklaces, circular sunglasses, velvet hair band and velvet choker

Was surprised that the choker has the word "Alice" engraved on it, i had assumed it was gonna be a plain pendant

Also grabbed these Grimoire verum inspired stockings

After searching like crazy, I managed to hunt down this special RinkaXSweet shirt that Rinka had sold to gather funds for the flood victims, I didn't manage to get my hands on it earlier as it sold out almost instantly but now, it's finally in my hands! Though my larger bust size doesn't quite agree with it as much as I would like it to. Also bought a Lowry's Farm pleated maxi skirt

One of my favourite buys, this lovely Jouetie baseball jacket, made with a silky satin material. It's surprisingly warm but fits me so well.

LOL check out the Engrish

After intensively trawling the Internet, I finally got my hands on these babies. The Jeffrey Campbell Skate shoes.

Just look at the amazing wooden carved heel!! I feel like I'm wearing an elegant scupture on my feet and it's more stable then I had expected. I'm trying to convince Steph to get a black pair so that we can be shoe twins!

In case anyone's wondering how the wig looks like, this was the picture shown on the website. It's actually inspired by Amo's pink hair and it reminds me of my old faded pink hair that I love so much

Last but not least, a lace dress that will probably be the main skeleton for my new look and a purple cardigan, both from Cotton On. The dress was on sale from $39.90 to $19.90, score!!

I'm already feeling excited to try out some outfits I have in mind but I'll probably buy a few more accessories to spice things up, I really want a few rosettes and I might get a bag too. Hopefully my new look will go the way I hope it will because I'm starting to feel excited and inspired about fashion once again, a feeling that I thought I had lost awhile back. So hope my dear readers are excited to see my new outfits


  1. Loving all the stuffs you bought! ^_^ Especially the stockings~

    1. Aww thank you! I'm super happy with the stockings too!