Monday, April 1, 2013

Personal Outfit (Trip to Tailor)

Quick post before I'm off to bed and before I disappear again thanks to my work. Made a trip to the tailor's today to get some costumes sorted out, I won't reveal which characters I'll be doing till later, it'll be more fun that way I guess haha. Wore a comfy outfit as I needed to take measurements and stuff:

Pullover: Forever21
Black Jeans: Uniqlo
Necklace: Vintage Lanvin
Pretty happy that I got a chance to doll up and curl my hair abit, though I made it more relaxed and only applied a small smountof hairspray.

Added more blush so that the camera can finally pick it up, but I think for the true Cult Party and Dolly kei looks, I might just use my more intense pink and red eyeshadows instead

Been feeling rather inspired lately, so I managed to churn out a few posts that have been queued up. Perhaps it's because I'm in quite a happy place right now, I fell like I have something to do in life besides aimlessly wandering around, work has been tough due to the steep learning curve and learning to balance work and personal life but I am actually enjoying myself.

Though sadly, due to the good food at work and my colleagues constantly showering eveyrone with lots of treats, I've gained quite abit of weight. Even mya tailor was telling me how my measurements were different and not because they got smaller sobs! It also doesn't help that the coffee at work sucks, I get barely any caffeine kick so I wind up drinking more and more cups of "coffee" loaded with sugar and creamer, bleaugh such a torture on my waistline. So now I'm back to intensively exercising, haven't seen much effect yet but I guess miracles don't happen overnight haha.