Sunday, April 14, 2013

Outfits for Work

I've been enjoying myself and actually thriving in my current job. There's alot of deadlines to meet and work gets piled up on a daily basis but my colleagues have been extremely kind and friendly and help me out all the time. They also like to feed me which you can probably see from my Instagram LOL. My manager has been very encouraging and with a new director coming on board and him saying he'll personally coach me with my marketing, I know the pressure is on but at the same time I'm excited to learn from him.To be honest, I loathed marketing when I was studying it and actually swore I'd never enter that field, but fate's a funny thing I guess.

Office life also seems to suit me well, I like the stability and consistency of the pace of work, and it's nice to be able to sit in my own cubicle and do my own stuff. I'm still getting the hang on long meetings, I tend to get really really sleepy or zone out halfway through them so that needs to be worked on as well as time management.

I use to loathe the idea of dressing up in office attire as it seemed stiff and uncomfortable, but I've managed to find a rough style I like that's comfortable but presentable and it helps sync my mind for work once I put my outfit on.
Here are my outfits for the past week and half. I prefer wearing skirts and dresses and try to buy them in materials that don't require ironing, so that's one chore down. They don't cost too much with each dress/blouse/skirt roughly costing between $20-$35. I also mostly toggle between black pumps or ballet flats or a nude pair of pumps.

Makeup for work, just foundation, blush, eyebrow, sweep of a bone eyeshadow, lengthening & thickening mascara, blush, lipstick and gloss. My lipstick has been wiped off here but it tends to be a deeper pink/red as I use my Chanel Legende shade with a pink gloss. Nothing much done to my hair except alittle brushing and running through with a straightening iron. My HR manager likes to stare at me and comment on my blush everytime she comes around my cubicle because she finds my blush cute hahahah.

Jewellry is kept to a minimum, mostly simple necklaces, my Osewaya rings and sometimes a watch (must-have for long meetings to keep track of time). It's not that my ffice frowns upon them, I just don't feel the need to be over-dressed up and too much bulky stuff will get in the way of my typing. I use perfume everyday but stick to 4 scents, Chloe Eau de Parfum, Paul Smith Rose, Kate Spade Twirl and Hugo Boss Femme. Scents that aren't too strong or too sweet.

This week, I was also able to see my article being published in an online magazine. It's promoting one of the courses my company runs. I'm very happy to see it being released, though the layout and clip art weren't done my me, I only contributed the words.

Of course with working life, I come home mentally exhausted most of the time as my brain is working on writing stuff, designing publicity materials and coming up with new ideas to push our courses out to the public. I haven't been able to do much regarding cosplay though I do have a upcoming shoot next week. The weekends fly by too fast and when I've finally recuperated, the week starts all over again. It sucks in a way but at least I am getting decently paid and learning alot with encouraging people. I'm hoping to stay in this job for awhile so good luck to me on the career front.

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