Thursday, April 18, 2013

Final Fantasy Type-0 (Cinque) Shoot

Finally got round to editing the pictures that were taken of me cosplaying Cinque from the game, Final Fantasy Type-0, during the mini shoot I had last year. Publishing these pictures in anticipation of the shoot I'll be having with my full team on Saturday!! I was actually assisting Esther, Selicia and Mini most of the time as they were cosplaying from the series, Gensomaden Saiyuki.

We had the shoot at an empty field with lots of tall grass, mud, ponds of stagnant water and plenty of mosquitoes ready to feast on our blood. However, the beautiful pictures make up for any discomfort we encountered that day.

Once again everything was taken by the amazing Vaxzone with the Bf's assistance.

Esther was so sweet to help me flip my cape for the wind blown effect

My favourite shot of the lot.

It's not east to pose with a large prop especially when the top is as big as my head! However, the amazingly talented Vaxzone managed to guide me along and took these mond-blowing shots.

Now I can't wait to have a shoot with the rest of my Type-0 team! It's going to be a massive operation with nearly 20 of us trudging around trying to perfect our look but it'll be done! I'll definitely upload pictures once I get them. We are planning to release cosplay cards like a deck of cards since the characters' names are based on it, more details about it will be out soon, but who knows, you may just get my team's cards if you can find us all at events hahaha.


  1. Love that wig especially the locks so nice~ the props is nice too! :)

    1. Thank you! Credit goes to the Bf for the amazing prop

  2. Loving the pictures, you look amazing ^-^
    Btw I'm hosting a Minkyshop giveaway so make sure to check it out dear! <3

  3. So cute!!
    i love it!