Monday, April 8, 2013

Chanel Nail Polish Review

Chanel nail polishes are my recent obsession and I've been in love from the very first stroke of the brush.

May was my very first Chanel polish and I actually bought it at the spur of the moment whilst looking for my perfect nude polish (I've yet to find it). It's a very sweet pink that's not too glaring, it reminds me of the sweet colours that Rinka likes to wear.

Jo helped me to get this Peche Nacree shade during her last visit to Singapore. True to it's name, it's a subtle peach shade that goes with anything.

Rose Cache was another shade that Jo helped me get, I was alittle apprehensive abotu the colour as it appeared darker then what I thought, but after application I changed my mind. It's an elegant understated darker nude, almost tan shade.

The three current shades that I have in my collection.

Colour: true to the bottle, it require only one coat for the colour to cover the nails but I apply two coats for a stronger colour

Ease of Use: The brush was large enough to cover most of my nails, the mixture wasn't too thick and streaking was minimal, I could even apply without paying close attention and there wouldn't be much streaking

Drying time: Dries insanely fast!! From starting with my base coat to the final top coat, it takes only roughly a half hour to dry. This is perhaps one of the greatest perks for me especially now that I'm quite strapped for time.

Packaging: Elegant and instantly recognisable with the Chanel logo on top of the cap and splashed across the front in large bold lettering, the top cap pops open to reveal the smaller brush that is also embossed with the Chanel logo.

Lasting Ability: The shortest time before chipping was about 4-5 days and that was after opening mutiple drink cans, the longest was slightly over a week though I could see cracks forming but it wasn't visible from far.

This is perhaps the only polish I'm using currently, the colours are suited for my office within a corporate environment. Now that I'm constantly meeting clients, I doubt it's appropriate to show up with bright, flashy colours or with chunks of glitter, these colours make me feel professional and pretty at the same time. 

I plan to add more colours into my collection and am currently eyeing a colour, specifically, Majesty. I also managed to get another colour Fracs, which I just managed to paint on, hence no picture, but you can see it on my Instagram. I'm also still looking out for my perfect nude nail polish, I plan to try out Estee Lauder's new nude collection but does anyone have any reccomendation? 

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