Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Type 0 Group Shoot Aftermath

Last Sunday was the biggest cosplay shoot I had ever had! We had the entire Final Fantasy Type-0 class (all 14 of us), our Sensei, 8 assistants and 2 photographers, that makes 25 people all showing up for one shoot. It was so massive, we actually decided to charter a private bus, just to get the worry of having to fight for public transport off our mind and it helped greatly espeically when our shoot locations were pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

Type-0 class trip!!! Making our way to the shoot locations

Quick camwhore on the way there

Considering how much of an urbanised city Singapore is, it is extremely difficult to find empty plots of land without many skyscrapers or apartment buildings ruining the background. We were literally climbing up steep slopes and trudging through tall grass and weeds, in full costume with our props mind you. Not to mention, the weather was terribly unforgiving that day, but we persevered on and despite the extreme discomfort, we still managed to have plenty of fun throughout the shoot.

Selicia (cosing Machina) as always, ruining the images of bishie characters with her random antics. Here she is with her pants rolled up and trying to flap her top to try and cool herself down, and in the process amusing Mini (cosing as Eight) and Tsubaki (as Trey).

Finally remembered to bring my polaroid camera along with extra polaroids to camwhore with my class and sensei. Yay! Wait! I just realised my class isn't complete!! I forgot to take pictures with Nine argh!!!!

We're all waiting with bated breaths for the photographers to send to us the pictures and for our editing experts to touch them up nicely before releasing the pictures to the world, but in the mean time, here are some crack/omake and behind-the-scenes shots:
Class typ-0, the delinquent version. All of us looking gangsta (or in my case, ultra narcisstic), with our Sensei face palming us

One of the assistants took this shot of us as we were lining up for a back view shot with our flag. Yes, we even have the class flag LOL, talk bout dedication

Quick editing that our King (cosplayed by Rescend) did on the very same day. So this isn't the final result yet, but it already looks so awesome!!

I've changed my office wallpaper to this picture now, and I find it really motivating because it reminds me very much of the fun I had that day.

Considering how amazing our team is, we're planning to continue our Type-0 cosplay by potentially expanding it even further. We're currently discussing other possibilites such as doing the cloaks, or summer version of the school uniform or maybe even a reenactment of the video! Everything is still up in the air so we'll see how it goes. In the mean time, just sit back and wait for the resulting pictures of the shoot to be released soon enough.

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