Thursday, May 2, 2013

Personal Outfit (Cloth Shopping & Friends)

Went out with my friends Mini & Esther last Saturday for some cloth shopping and to spend some time with Esther before she heads off to USA for 3 months of study. I'll miss her alot especially when she won't be around for some upcoming cosplay events but I'm looking forward to teaming up with her again for other events.

Used the outing as a chance to wear my new clothes in the style I'm heading to, I think its rather mild but when we accidentally bumped into another cosplay friend, she thought I was heading for a fashion shoot or something.

Shirt: Rinka X Sweet
Skirt: Forever 21
Jacket: Jouetie
Lace trimmed striped socks: Daiso
Creepers: Taobao
Curled my hair and wore my fringe as bangs for the day. Also wore a few other accessories to spice up the outfit.
Circle sunglasses & choker: Taobao

 I'm busy trying to prep stuff for Cosfest and other solo plans, but I'm mostly stressed out over my job confirmation. I've been on probation since entering the company and with it ending, my confirmation is coming up. My manager assures me that I shouldn't really have to worry about it but its still nerve-wrecking to wonder if you're officially in the company or not. I pray everything goes well and if it isn't too much, I also hope I'll get a pay raise, because sometimes I feel I'm being kind of overworked for my pay grade.

Hopefully things go well for the rest of the year. In the mean time, I'm currently addicted to the anime/manga Shingeki no Kyojin, really brlliant and exciting, definitely worth checking out. 

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