Saturday, May 11, 2013

Makeup review: Daiso Eyeshadow

I had heard great things about Daiso's eyeshadows from my cosplay friends so when my Facebook was going nuts with them spreading the news that a new shipment of eyeshadows had landed in Singapore like wildfire, I knew I had to give it a try.

I decided to give 2 different palettes a try:

The plastic is obviously cheap but it does have some weight to it and hasn't broken so far, the sponge applicator is quite rough so I never use it.

The colours are pearly white, dark brown, gold and grey-black. Judging from the sheen, they really live up to their name of being "Pearl in" eyeshadows. There are no large glitter chunks and the shadows are finely milled making it easy to apply with my makeup brush. I now use this palette for all my makeup needs as the colours are suitable for day and is buildable for night too.

The other palette I got was this purple version, I wanted to see the difference between the two palettes and I needed purple eyeshadow for a character I'm planning to cosplay soon. 

The plastic is alot heavier and sturdier compared to the previous palette but it only has 3 varying shades.  

I haven't actually worn out the eyeshadow yet so this is my first time trying them. The shadows felt rougher then the above palette but the colour was alot more intense as it only required one swipe of eyeshadow to produce the intensity in this picture whereas the other require 2-3 swipes before the colours were obvious on camera. there are large glitter chunks in it, especially the darkest purple shade, so I'm bit worried bout it possibly irritating my eyes if the glitter somehow got in. The white shadow has a purplish tinge to it, so it can double as a highlighter on other parts of the face if applied subtly.

Best part of the purple palette, it has an in-built mirror! There were also 2 sponge applicators that are thicker and softer.

To be honest, I was bit apprehensive bout the shadows because I was wondering just how good could $2 makeup be? However, I was proven wrong! The colours are subtle enough in real life but cameras are able to capture the colours with amazing clarity in pictures, so now I use them all the time for my cosplay makeup. Comparing them to my more expensive brand name eyeshadows, of course in terms of packaging, it loses out, but in terms of quality, it's almost on par and sometimes far exceed the brand name versions.

Basically, if you ever see these eyeshadows on the shelves of your nearest Daiso, just grab them! Trust me, you won't regret it, and even if you do, hey it's just $2.


  1. hi sweetie, thanks for the review :)
    I am a cosplayer myself and i needed some eyeshadows. Have been hearing quite a lot of good reviews about their eyeshadows. Will give'em a try ^_^