Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life's Busy But Cosplay Makes It Better

It's been over a week since I last posted and with work piling up, I doubt I can post any quicker in the future. On a good note, I've been given a permanent position in the current company that I work for, there's also been a slight pay raise, though not much but still a raise's a raise. However, as a permanent staff, expectations are higher and the workload is more intense but I still enjoy my job.

To destress, I've turned to my hobby, Cosplay! Hence, the reason for my lack of updates as I spend most of the weekends doing something related to cosplay or spending time with the bf.
Helped Selicia and Mini during their recent shoot, here's a pic of them getting ready. LOL I can't help but to always be amused at Selicia's insane antics.

During the shoot, this is pretty much the first (and probably only) time I'll ever see Mini all girly and sweet, since she usually cosplays guys thanks to her fantastic jawline. We also "stole" the verandah from about 5 other real wedding couples, all doing shoots on the same day.

After the shoot, Selicia with her funny antics once again and Mini looking so pretty while I look like a hot mess after running up and down all day and no makeup except for loose powder and eyebrow mascara

The whole team, mini, Anthony (the photographer), Kosmo (another assistant), Selicia and me
The amazing power of makeup!! Selicia with just base (darker foundation for the tanned look) on the left and with everything else on the right side. Look how scuplted her cheeks are and how much larger her eyes look with just eyeliner and eyeshadow

Last weekend, there was a rather small event but being rather deprived of attending events and figuring I could meet some friends there, Mini and I decided to cosplay together. We also particiapted in the Cure Walk onstage, though I won't be putting the video here as I feel bit embarassed bout the whole thing >_<"

Selicia coslaying as one of the main characters in the super funny anime, Axion Saga. Mini and I were cosplaying from Penguindrum, we're planning to have a shoot for it soon. The photobomber is a photographer whose name currently eludes me LOL

Camwhore with my amazing partner for the day, Mini always looks so good when she crossdresses

I also finally got to do a shoot of my own, I haven't had a shoot since my Final Fantasy Type-0 versiona dn was itching to do one for awhile now. I'm also planning to do one more solo shoot soon.

I cosplayed the character Q from the series, [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control. My right eye refused to cooperate and kept tearing causing my lower lash to come off and the eyeliner to run quite abit during the shoot but it was still fun.

Here's a pic of Mini and Selicia during the shoot, with "F*ck the rules" poses because they have "money", my prop money to be exact LOL.

If you notice, one person from my cosplay "gang" is missing, sadly Esther's currently away due to her studies and we miss her lots. So to keep her updated we always send pictures and videos of our shoots and events, it's also incredibly fun to rewatch the video whenever I'm feeling down. It helps me to rememebr that I have such lovely friends and a hobyy I really really love.

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