Monday, June 3, 2013

Museum Trip & Craziness

I finally got to meet my best friend 4eva and ever and ever Steph  today, with our work schedules and other hobbies it's been difficult to meet up. I really missed the honest heart-to-heart talks we always have and her hilarious descriptions of things.

Camwhore with her is always a must!! Though not quite sure why she's pulling a face here LOL

Decided to wear my wig as I'm tired if having normal brown hair, a must for the coporate world ugh! So thought I'd spice things up abit.

Cropped shirt: Candy Stripper
PVC shorts: Salvation Army
studded thigh high socks: Taobao
Velvet flatforms: Taobao
Beanie: Maison Gilfy
Winged backpack: Glad News
Choker: Hellcat Punks
Circle sunglasses: Taobao

We went to have a look at the small but interesting Red Dot Design Museum, saw many may weird and funny things there and the best part bout it was how we were allowed to take pictures and poke and prod pretty much everything on display.

I really really liked this light display but they could have used bulbs with lower wattage, the brightness killed my eyes

Stpeh was seduced by the pretty lights... nooo!! Steph!!! Move away from the light!!!

Played around with this award-winning urinal

Steph said with her red pants, she looked like she was pissing fire hahahahah

Super comfy bed to lie on, so I took a cat nap.. LOL not really, it was placed vertically against the wall

Steph trying to nap only to look like a corpse in rigor mortis hahhahahaah

National geographic documentary in session: "Observe as the foetus rests within the comforts of the mother's womb" ROFL!!! But the tub was awesome, sooo massive!!! Wish I could install it in my home

Steph being all gangsta and shit, just missin the hundred dollar bills within the tub

Saw these and all I could think of was how much they looked like the Kyojins in the latest anime Shingeki no Kyojin
I was so so so interested in this!! It's a small automatic button sewer!! Like seriously how convenient and cool is that?!!

After going nuts and playing with all the exhibits, we took a walk around the area. Lots of cool shophouses with art studios, architect studios, bars, restaurants etc. Though most were closed

Met this friendly "lady", Steph decided to take her out for a date
Luckily the "lady" didn't want to leave me behind!

Finally got a chance to try out Hoshino Coffee!

Had baked curry rice, sooo good!!!! Though I wish the broccoli florets were alittle bigger.

at Hoshino Coffee, you MUST try their famous souffle pancakes. I ordered the normal version, which was served with maple syrup and whipped cream cheese. It had the light texture of a sponge cake but the maple syrup reminded me too much of Mcdonalds, shall try it with honey next time.

It sucks to be working, the weekends fly by in the blink of an eye and the next moment, it's back to the grind. Ugh! 


  1. So sweet you got to meet up with your best friend. I haven't seen my best friend in over two years. Cute pictures I like your wig. ^_^

    1. Aww that must suck to not see your best friend for so long :( But i admire people who can remain such good friends despite the distance. & Thank you