Friday, June 14, 2013

Style Icon: Yuu Kamazawa

One of my key style icons that got me into my current looks is non other then Yuu Kamazawa, also known as Youchama the singer or Yuutuntun on Twitter.

Girl's got a knack for having fantastic hair in varying colours

She often makes her own accessories and clothes such as these adorable sunglasses

I first took notice of her when she kept appearing on her unique style and eye-catching hair intrigued me

She does funky and sweet so well and it's amazing how she looks so good with  the different hair colours

One of the sweeter coordinates, she mixes alot of vintage and handmade stuff with store bought clothes, creating a truly unique look of her own.

Yuu truly moves to her own beat and wears whatever she likes. It's bit difficult to point down a single style of hers as she's constantly surprising me with her coordinates, but from what I've seen, she likes tights/socks and large accessories and ofc ourse, how could we miss her ever colourful hair.

She was the beginning of my shift from gyaru as I was constantly blown away by how funky she looked and how she managed to reuse the same coordinates in different ways to produce different looks.

You can find her at:

Twitter: @yuutuntun
Her singer name is Youchama and she currently has a single out on itunes
Instagram: @yuukumazawa

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