Monday, June 10, 2013

Music & Friends for the Weary Soul

Had a minor breakdown at work last week due to the built-up stress from having to manage so many things. Looking back now, I probably made a mountain out of a molehill but at that moment, I felt a huge weight pressing upon me.

Met up with darling Steph again to watch her performing with her band. Her band, Zefyr, was the only non-Japanese band among the line-up and the bar was packed with mostly Japanese people supporting their friends. It felt like an escape of sort, to hear an unfamiliar tongue rolling about as people laughed & chatted with each other.

The amazing Zefyr!! From left: Peter the guitarist, Alvin the drummer , Izu the vocalist, Steph as bassist and Si Wei as the other guitarist.

Zefyr performing on stage, too bad Peter isn't in this pic, he's probably at the other end of the stage

Other friends that day, Jared and Mio

Steph made a new friend, think his name is Masaki, quite a funny dude and his pictures are amazing!

Picture of all the other bands, at least the ones that stayed till the end. Was surprised to watch a high school band performing songs from English bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, they also had quite a few fangirls, probably schoolmates of theirs, watching them perform

Of course, I had to put in a picture of Steph performing

Camwhore while having a smoke break and waiting for her turn to perform, no idea what am I looking at LOL
Tried out a different style of makeup that day, I elongated instead of widening my eyes, also placed blush just on the top of my cheekbones and used a stronger coloured lipstick. Love my short wig, I'm always tempted to chop my hair short everytime I wear this wig, but it'll be a pain to style it the same way.
Super simple outfit:
Leopard beret: Accessorize
Shirt: Forever 21
Ripped Jeans: GoJane
Creepers: Taobao
Cross necklace: Taobao
Spiked bracelet: Bought in KL
Chain & leather bracelet: Taobao
There was free flow of food and drinks for the remaining people, didn't really eat much but I had a few glasses of beer and enjoyed this amazing whisky, paired it mostly with coke. Most of the guys were surprised that I enjoyed it :/ I do have quite a high tolerance for alcohol

The weekends fly by too fast now, and I need to get stuff prepared for my cosplay event in July, luckily it's just a simple headband hat should be ready within a few days