Friday, June 7, 2013

Anime Matsuri 2013

Attended the Anime Matsuri event held last Saturday at Funan Mall with Minichaos. Selicia wasn't able to jon us as she had a shoot that same day :(

The event was small, tiny to be honest but at least I was able to catch up with some friends and I finally got to use this costume of mine, that had been stuffed in a corner for the longest time. I was cosplaying Nanami Haruka from Uta Prince once again, this time in the S.A.S uniform, though technically she doesn't have an official version of the costume, just inspired versions from the guys.
Mini cosplaying as Cecil, I think she looks adorable as him! Being an unofficial uniform has its perks, I decided to use the sailor hat as part of my costume as I felt it looked cuter then a rigid, formal hat. Mini also kindly helped make for me the shoulder details and the rope decoration around my arm 

Met up with Kitska (the one in the blue wig) and Tessie (in orange wig), they were also cosplaying characters from Uta Prince, but the casual outfits version. I also met Milodrums aka Janice for the first time, she was cosplaying Zuko from the Avatar Last Airbender series and it's such a small, small world. Janice has been friends with Steph for quite a few years now, LOL so I was really surprised by our connection

Met up with Akairi, her wig suits her so so well!! Doesn't she look just adorable? The dude photobombing us is Vaxzone, the amazing photographer

With Kazu, if you find him familiar, that's because he cosplayed as my butler, Claude Faustus when I was cosplaying Alois trancy
With pretty pretty Lawliet, love her amazing cosplays, she does both guys and girls equally well

A full length shot of Mini & my costumes. Mini's smile in this shot really cracks me up

Wandering around the event, MIni and I encountered a couple of amazing surprises!

We met celebrity Japanese cosplayer, Kaname, by total chance as he was wandering around and checking out the booths at the event! He was cosplaying as the character Kurosaki Ichigo from the series, Bleach. Unfortunately, his bodyguards refused to let us take pictures together with him, but they at least allowed us to take pictures of him.

I also managed to track down this cosplayer I had heard was going to the event. He's actually cosplaying King Isley from Claymore. I managed to have a chat with him and convinced him to jon my team for a shoot, it's gonna be so epic!!

At the event, there were a few booths, including one selling raffle tickets to win products from different series, I've never had much luck with these kinds of things, but I figured why not?

I had asked for the Evangelion raffle ticket, but the guy misheard me and gave me the Hello Kitty X Evangelion ticket instead. So I got this pair of socks, was quite miffed at the mistake but luckily the guy was nice enough to swap for me after I told him the mistake.

My eventual buys:Asuka Maid figurine from the raffle (I have her now at my office) and Monster Hunter cat for the bf (tried to get the meat toy but my luck failed me)
I also scored super amazing deals with these figurines!! First was the Penguindrum pair, can you imagine, I got the both of them for only $35!!! I had mistakenly seen the price as $85, but Mini double-checked for me and after realising my mistake I grabbed it instantly!!! The Princess of the Crystal figurine is worth at least $75 on her own, so this was a major score!! The other great bargain I had was an Origami Cyclone figurine from the series Tiger & Bunny, I got him for only $20! He's super fun to maneouver and play with so he entertains me at work right now.

Despite being such a tiny event, it was fun nonetheless and I'm looking forward to any upcoming events.

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