Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Circle Lens

With the lens only in one eye... I really have a o_O expression here...

I love the speckled design on the lens, though the black rim makes it very obviously unnatural...

After hearing great reviews about the Barbie King lens and staring a magazines with nearly every single model donning a pair. I decided I had to get a pair and see what was all the hype about.

And I totally do not regret getting a pair! They're sooo comfortable! I don't feel them at all throughout the day and they don't require any eyedrops unlike my Max Pure browns. In fact, my Max Pure browns are currently stagnating in a corner because I wouldn't stop wearing my Barbie Kings.

My favourite lens for sure!


  1. Really cool looking lens! Love the design and enlargement ♥

  2. @ Mitsu - Yes! They're the best lens ever! I'm planning to get the blue ones as well!