Saturday, June 5, 2010

Makeup Review: RMK Cream Foundation

The product in question: RMK Cream Foundation in 102, $78 from RMK makeup counter

This is my bare skin, after a poor diet, stress and lack of enough sleep, I've gotten some pretty bad breakouts lately... not a pretty sight to see

The counetr guy was kind enough to give me a sample of RMK Cream Primer and it helped to cover abit of the redness and open pores...

I swiped on a thin layer of foundation over and this is the result, most blemishes are covered but ther's no cakey look...

A second layer of foundation for stubborn marks and blemishes and this time, they've been totally covered! I didn't even have to use a concealer! Not to mention, I still had a dewy, fresh look after 2 layers of foundation!

End result, after the rest of my makeup, skin looks really nice and with a porcelain finish, in real life the skin looks dewy even...

Even with flash, my skin still looks even and radiant at a certain point, I didn't do any editing to any of the pics btw...

Ok here's my first ever review on a makeup product so I'm just gonna be blatantly honest about how it feels and works for me so there maybe differing opinions but this is just my own.
Anyway, recently I had an itch to get some decent foundation. I've been usi ng drugstore foundation for a few years already and they've been decent enough. I've also used SK-II foundation for those special moments where I actually felt like putting on something bit more expensive (you know what I mean?), however I just felt that both lacked a certain oomph so I decided to research around on decent foundations.
After fliping through countless magazines, one particular foundation kept popping up, and that was the RMK Cream foundation. So I caved in and decided to try it out, and as you can see from the pics above, I'm mad happy I got it! It maybe pricey at $78 a jar, but consdering I use like a coin-size amount for my entire face, the jar would probably last me a few months which is bout the same as me buying my drugstore foundation every month which I used to do.

I highly recommend this foundation and I can totally understand why most Japanese models and hostesses use this foundation. In real life your skin looks dewy and translucent but yet you needn't pile on the loose pwoder and mattify your skin for pictures. I don't now what exactly did RMK do, but the foundation makes you look good both in real life and in pictures! So this foundation is definitely a 5/5 stars for me


  1. let me know if it doesn't cause breakouts! aaaaa i love how you look!

  2. @ josephine - Hahaha! Ok, even jack commented that my foundation looks less heavy after using this foundation!

  3. @ Amanda - Thank you! Haha, I really love it and am glad that I decided to get it after all!